The secret power revealed by Moons may be the oldest in science

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Particle physicists probably discovered that something arose from excitation to the end The new mystery of the universe, One thing to make sure the process shows that science works best. Political ideologues can demand justice for a cherished notion. Scientists can rejoice when their theories don’t work.

This was followed by a test at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois that produced a Results This may differ from the predictions of the theory. Among such meanings is the discovery of scientific knowledge, albeit of slight significance – in this case, in the ninth decimal place. This is similar to your prediction that the Statue of Liberty is a few millimeters away from St. Paul’s Cathedral. Significant of this difference is evidence of the prophetic validity of current theories and the scientists’ refusal to accept them as “sufficiently accurate.”

The hard part is explaining what was measured in it Muon G-2 experiment, And this is what uniqueness refers to. The moons are similar to the electrons that orbit the atom but are much larger: the plums on the branches of the electrons. Both act like tiny magnets, and experiments measure the strength of this magnetism – as measured by a number marked as “G”, and reveal how many muons sink as they spin in the magnetic field.

The theory used to predict “g” is based on the so-called standard model of physics, which describes all the known fundamental forces and particles in our universe. If the prediction goes out, even at a tiny interval, something must be missing: an extra particle or energy never seen before. The predicted “G” may differ from the measured value that was set to zero 20 years ago. This new test suggests that the difference may be real.

If so, it would be more dramatic than that Celebrating the discovery of Higgs particles in 2012. Almost everyone is convinced that Higgs must have existed because it is the ultimate missing part of the standard model. Yet we know that this model cannot be a complete account of the world. For one, it does not combine two deep theories of physics: quantum mechanics and general relativity. Nor is it the cause of the existence of dark matter, a conjectural matter is needed to explain why the universe looks like it.

Theoretical physicists have developed long-term theories that go beyond the standard model. However, we cannot test whether the model is correct without experimental guidance on where it is broken. The result has been very reasonable but no progress has been made. So particle physicists have looked for experimental results where the model seems to be low. Now they can find it.

If this significance is true, it may indicate some new force in nature that puts an extra strain on the moon. Since every energy in physics has an associated particle, it refers to a new particle – it can be explored after other experiments.

However, keep in mind that there are some possible previous claims. “New physics”Has evaporated out of the standard model. Also, the calculations behind the theoretical predictions of this experiment are based on the assumption that the tears are hard and potentially leave the wrist chamber. Some physicists made an argument Paper The measured result published last week may be in perfect harmony with the standard model. So it could all be a false alarm.

For now, it leaves more questions than decisions. Searches will not explain dark matter or prove string theory; Above all they give a vague indication of the way forward. Yet, in this rapidly changing and difficult time, a broader message is needed: the acquisition of new knowledge requires patience and care, an open but intelligent mind, and recognition of uncertainty.

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