Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

You’re not just frustrated with the technology companies that are showing up In favor of their own product. The Washington Post Report Senators Amy Klubucher And Chuck Grassley will introduce a bill, the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (AICO), to prevent technology companies from prioritizing their products and services on their own platforms. Amazon could not Misuse of seller information For example, to compete against those vendors, when Apple will not be unjustly allowed Put his apps above others In the App Store.

Senators identified the AICO as a modernization of the no-confidence law. “It addresses the“ excluded behavior ”you see on leading platforms,” Kloboucher said. Penalties will be levied, including fines up to 15 percent of a company’s revenue when it breaks the law.

The House, equivalent to the bill, recently cleared that branch’s judicial committee and is awaiting a vote. Both bills have a better-than-expected opportunity to thank both the Biden administration and the Biden administration for their attention. Improving competition in technology. The senators have kept Biden’s camp “informed” of Bill’s work, Kloubacher added.

Industry lobbying groups such as the Chamber of Progress (which ranks technology companies like Amazon and Google in its rankings) are surprisingly blocked by the bill. They claim that the measurement will not be effective, and may even hit favorite products. Not that this opposition will necessarily carry much weight. Senators call this time Big Tech. “Big tobacco moment“-That is, in the end it is being held accountable for harmful behavior. Politicians across the spectrum seem to be interested in controlling technology companies and AICO may be one of the best opportunities in their near future to rein in their corporate giants.

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