Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum hasn’t opened much since the epidemic began, but it’s already ready to close its doors again – if for more positive reasons. The Washington Post Report Is Smithsonian Off Its flagship National Mall building for at least six months of renovations starting March 28, 2022. The move will provide visitors with “uninterrupted security” as the museum completes work on its first new West Wing Gallery.

The closure is part of the first phase of a seven-year reform that will cost 1 billion Steven F. Smithsonian Virginia. At least some physical museum space, including the Udvar-Haji Center (which will remain open), is surprisingly closing to keep the space open. Parts of the collection have already been moved to other relevant museums, such as the Museum of African American History and Culture, the Museum of Natural History, and the American Indian Museum.

Waiting can be worth it. Eight West Wing exhibits should be launched when the original museum reopens, including “One World Connected” (shown above) and Wright Brothers, planet-exploring and moon-touching locations.

Some of the reforms are still far from over. The museum will begin “disinstallation” of the eastern branch in March and will not complete its upgrade by 2025. If you can live with these limitations, however, the Air and Space Museum may soon become more relevant and interesting in the past – even if you have visited relatively recently.

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