The ‘Stalker 2’ gods are spending a lot of time on teeth

Assuring the players Stalker 2 Will be worth Wait, The developing GSC is showing his hard work in shaping the game world. A new highlight reel provides the first look of the updated dress, gun and an IDSyncratic tooth customization tool in the long gasting sequel. While we’ve seen other game engines designed for game movement and physics, Ukrainian Davis created an authentic plugin to play Dentist with each character’s chopper. This tool allows them to regularly remove and attach Janaki teeth or tooth crowns in the presence of their more recent curiosity. “Literally every person in Stalker 2 has a smile or a smile,” Jakhar Bocharov of GSC Game World said in the clip.

The video also looks good on angry radiation suits worn by opponents throughout the game with military-grade combat boots. Also, there is a sample of 30 guns in the game along with their replacements including heavy machine guns, sniper rifles and classic shotguns.

Although we have not yet learned the exact release date Stalker 2, We know that it is coming to PC and Xbox Series X as “console launch exclusive” this year. Horror sequels will also be part of the Xbox game pass service from launch.

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