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A scene from Brian and Charles shows a man wearing a blue jacket and a very tall human-robot wearing a bow tie standing in a cluttered kitchen.

Pictures: Courtesy Sundance Institute

In 2017, io9 wrote about a short film titled Brian and Charles, It’s dubbing Nice shots and equal parts touching and wryly ridiculous“So we are thrilled to see that director Jim Archer has made a feature film based on his short film, which has just made its debut. 2022 Sundance Film Festival, And a primary contender for the feeling-good film of the year.

Like the short, the feature is illustrated in documentary-style. We are introducing whimsy Inventor Brian (David Earl, who co-wrote with Charles Hayward, who played Charles). She works weirdly around her rural English village when she builds her chaotic workshop (“My infamous invention pantry! It’s actually a cow shed”), holding eggs like a belt and making a wide “flying” cuckoo clock “contraption of her. Despite his frequent failures, Brian is optimistic — when the flying clock catches fire, he shrugs and says, “Towards the next one!” – but there is a sadness that grips him. Things start to change when he comes across the head of a book while digging and he gets the shock of inspiration: he will build A robot!

Although Brian initially explained that he wanted a robot to help him at work, it is clear that he longs for companionship (his only friend we see is Hazel, a shy villager). SherlockOf Lewis Braille). He created his new invention using the parts he found around his house — a part Brian and Charles‘The immense appeal is the enthusiastic embrace of extremely low-fi special effects; The robot is apparently a person with a large box behind his head and torso, whose head is stuck at the top – and although it doesn’t work at first, his creation was saved by a thunderstorm or perhaps a lightning strike. Interference of his wire-nibbling pet mouse. “It’s incredibly irresistible,” Brian says of his unexpected success. He named the robot Charles, and named the pair একজন an awkward middle-aged man, another seven-foot-tall, ramshackle AI who is a talented alien, hyperactive toddler, and petulant teenager শী soon to become best friends, a shared love of cabbage and a cuddle. ” Complete by setting a fun hangout montage in “.

But it is not all domestic happiness. The dynamics between Brian and Charles are suppressed when Charles expresses his desire to explore and travel (especially after watching its wonders in Hawaii, on TV), and Brian becomes obsessed with the idea of ​​hiding Charles from the outside world, especially the cruel city. Things get even more sticky when Brian and Hazel start spending more time together and Charles’ desire for continued rebellion turns from “incredibly annoying” to “dangerous.” The story (humans make robots, humans lose robots, humans and robots reunite) may be simple, but Brian and Charles‘The message about the complexity of friendship is both heartwarming and universal – and the performances across the board are great. Special props to Hayward for bringing such an emotional range to a character consisting of a monotonous robot voice and an amazingly expressive plastic face, with some top physical comedy for good measure.

Brian and Charles There isn’t a broad release date yet, but here it is expected to get one soon.

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