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Yahya Abdul-Matin II 2021 Candyman raises a bandaged arm to protect himself.

The watchmanYahya Abdul Matin II sees something he does not like.
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Sequel to Nia Docoster cult 1992 Horror Classic Of the same name, Candy man, Was a winning weekend at the box office.

The film was not released without on-demand or streaming but has grossed 22.37 million since its release in 3,569 theaters in the United States, an additional 5 5 million internationally. Perhaps the biggest achievement of the film was becoming a number one film at the box office from Black Women directors. In addition to instruction and production, DaCosta and Jordan Peel Wrote Candy man The script of the sequel with Win Rosenfeld. Both critics and fans have given the film a thumbs up; Its Rotten Tomatoes score is currently 85% and 74% for critics and fans, respectively. Candy manShots Opening-weekend box office To accept That’s enough to recover a 25 million budget – no small feat for any film released in 2021 and Diversity Say, Candy man Also “appears on the track to be one of the rare epidemic-era releases to be profitable during his drama.”

Compare with the recently released Free Guy, Which grossed 28 28 million in its opening weekend, but had a budget of more than 100 100 million – the film made an additional .6 13.6 million this weekend, a strong showing for its third week. Disney Jungle CruiseHowever, it only made 5 million, leaving it behind Pao Patrol: MoviesOf 6.6 million. Part special Candy manIts theatrical success certainly comes from the fact that it is Free Guy, Also not published in some streaming services (e.g., Jungle Cruise). Anyone who wanted to see a new movie had to do so Go to the cinema Not so. However, despite the movie having a better financial debut than expected, it is noteworthy that the overall box office was still less than 50% at this time in 2019 before the epidemic.

Candy man They The watchmanYahya Abdul-Matin II Anthony McCoy, an artist who was inspired by the legend of Candyman, does not know his connection to the vengeful entity that his name is said five times in front of the mirror every time. Teona Paris, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, and Coleman Domingo also starred with some surprises. Docoster The next project will be to reunite with him in Paris Captain Marvel Order MarvelsBrian Larsen as Carol Danvers, Iman Velani as Kamala Khan, and Monica Rambeau as Paris aka Captain Marvel, Mrs. Marvel and uh, Monica RambiuRespectively Marvels It is currently scheduled to premiere in November 2022.

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