The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Google in the Oracle copyright case

Google and Oracle have been fighting in court for years over claims that the Android mobile OS Oracle has infringed copyright. Back in 2019, the US Supreme Court Willing to listen Google is seeking a federal appeals court ruling that Android violated Oracle copyright using unlicensed Java code, and the court ruled today. Appropriate Creator Just ruled 6-2 for Google, a decision that reverses the previous decision.

The decision states that “a copy of Google’s Java SE API, which only included the lines of code needed to allow programmers to work on their acquired talents in new and transformative programs, was a matter of law.”

This has been going on for years and years. Originally, a jury was found in favor of Google, which found the use of Java code to be “fair use”. In 2018, however, the federal court overturned the decision of the appeal, Judgment Google has indeed infringed on Oracle’s trademark; The decision would have sent the case back to a California court to determine how much Google owes to Alphabet Oracle, the parent company. The Supreme Court had earlier ruled against the case for consideration, but it was Back in 2015.

Dorian Daly, Oracle’s executive VP and general consultant, made the following statement: “The Google platform has just gotten bigger and the market power has increased. High access barriers and low competitiveness. The practice is that regulators around the world and in the United States examine Google’s business practices. “

We reached out to Google for comment and will update this story if we hear anything.

Updated, 11:15 am and: Statements from Oracle have been added.

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