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Recent Terminator Movies, Dark fate, Struggles to give a large cast of characters satisfying stress. Author Sara Lynn Michner That said it doesn’t help that a large portion of the movie is lost in a bombastic action sequence on an exploding cargo plane.

“I think there’s this idea, in particular, that male managers are really excited about trying to get to the top of what they’ve done before, but it’s bigger and better and more and more Michael Bay-ish,” says Micner 386. Said in the episode Geek’s guide to the galaxy Podcast “And I really, like? Are we really doing it in 2019? It’s very annoying. “

Geek’s guide to the galaxy Host David Bar Cartley Agree that the cargo plane sequence was silly, and stands in stark contrast to the feeling of reality contained in the best installments of the franchise, Terminator And Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

“In my mind, the power of these movies comes from a combination of these terrifying robots from the future against this completely believable everyday reality,” he says. “And when you make it a wicked robot in a superhero environment from the future, it doesn’t work. There is no contradiction. ”

Over-the-top action scenes are not only dazzling, they are also expensive. Screenwriter Rafael Jordan Warns that unnecessarily inflated budgets are putting unrealistic expectations on sci-fi movies. “The last three [Terminator] The installments made about 400 million, and that’s consistent with that in terms of first weekend earnings, “he says.” There’s been a whole series of films recently. Star Trek Movies, Alita, Tron: Inheritanceআয় which earns $ 400 million and is considered a failure, and this is going to be another of them. Hollywood needs to find a way to make an effective আবার 400 million again. “

Dark fate Hollywood’s third attempt represents the continuation of the story Terminator 2, After the 2003 film Terminator 3: Rise of the machine And the 2008 TV series Sarah Connor Chronicles. Author of science fiction Anthony Ha Says that the scale-down TV version has surpassed its big-budget rivals in terms of storytelling.

“Obviously a lot of IP is going to TV,” he says. “If so [Terminator] Will be back – and I’m not sure it will be – I think it could be back as a TV show. “

Listen to the full interview with Sarah Lynn Michner, Rafael Jordan and Anthony Ha in episode 386 Geek’s guide to the galaxy (Above). And check out some highlights from the discussion below.

Sarah Lynn Michner on James Cameron:

“James Cameron has this really fascinating idea of ​​feminism, and his only real problem with it is that he hasn’t really updated it since the 90s. I mean when I saw it. Alita: Battle Angel, It felt like a wonderful movie that was released in 1995 – without effects ৷ … But she has this strong female obsession thing, and I think there is unfortunately a strong female thing where it turns out to be the result of this commercialization ‘Megan Fox knows how to repair a motorcycle’ and it’s always this super-sexual idea. A strong woman, and James Cameron’s women weren’t really like that. And so it resonated very strongly with me. I fell in love Abyss, I fell in love Alien, I loved Terminator Film is a very constructive part of my upbringing. “

Screenplay by Rafael Jordan:

“Usually what happens is you wait and wait to get a job, and then it’s an extreme crowd when it comes to hiring you. There’s never enough time, and it’s unfortunate, because that’s the moment they call you, ‘Hey , So we’re finally greenlit, and we need an immediate script to secure bonds and financing, so you can pay? Is it up to us in a week? ‘ And you’re like, ‘What? No, I mean, I can give it to you Something Within a week, but are you going to guarantee that I have time to fix and fix it? ‘ And sometimes you get that time, sometimes you don’t. … But trust me, these writers are pulling their hair out, and sometimes they isolate themselves in hotel rooms for six to eight weeks when they get that luxury. But they are definitely trying to make it better, it’s always a battle for quality. “

Anthony Ha Rev-9:

“My guess is that none of the sequels — including Dark fate– Found a way to the top T-1000. I think it was close to a platonic ideal Terminator The villain but it’s an interesting variation, and I think the visuals are very interesting, and it certainly makes for some interesting action scenes, because you’ve basically got two different terminators that have a brain [people]. I hope they did some more work to explore the capabilities of Rev-9. লে If you like it [the two forms] There was complementary power, so the soft version is really good at implying itself in a variety of situations, but the skeleton is there for brute force. Something that makes it even more unique. “

About Arnold Schwarzenegger David Barr Cartley:

The movie lost me when I met Arnold Schwarzenegger. I love Arnold Schwarzenegger, he’s great, but I’ve already seen him as a good Terminator in three more movies. It’s done, I hate Corny Humor, and I felt that once he got into the story, it became too much focus on him instead of building relationships between the other characters. … When I saw the trailers, Arnold Schwarzenegger would be in it, I assumed it was going to be a cameo – that they go to the cabin, and they meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he tells them what to do, and then they move on. I didn’t think he would join the cast. And I think maybe something positive about his inclusion in this movie can probably be included in a cameo. “

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