The trailer for “Space Jam: A New Legacy” pays homage to sci-fi

Warner Bros. has created a theme for the release All of its 2021 movies are on HBO Max, And the next big movie of the service is the appropriate consent for the digital world. There is a studio Released For the first trailer Space Jam: A New Legacy, And it’s more sci-fi than you think. The movie stars LeBron James. “The Matrix “Hell” where she has to play basketball against a goon squad like a supervillain to rescue her son. It certainly involves Bug Bonnie and his squad friends, but the mentions go further than that

Can count help from James Iron GiantThe name for the start is Robot. The movie agreed to technological advances within 25 years Original Space jam Tune Squad with Michael Jordan converts from flat cartoons to CG-animated characters (or a real agency in the case of James), players score points like video games, and the top court display even shows a social media follower count.

A new legacy HBO Max and July 16 premiered in theaters both. We wouldn’t expect this to be a past cinematic experience, but it wouldn’t cost much more to watch than your maximum subscription. If you’re still stuck at home because of the epidemic, or don’t want the hassle of going to the theater, it can be easy to be fair. This is one of the biggest tests of Warner’s strategy – new – Space jam HBO proves to be a success at Max, it can both enhance the service profile and lead to bigger movies on Max.


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