The Twitter app is getting a dedicated spaces section

If there’s any doubt about Twitter’s commitment to space, the company is offering its own category of audio features like Clubhouse.

Twitter is testing a new version of its iOS app that adds a dedicated section for the feature between the “Explore” section and the Notifications tab. The company has been teasing the change for a while with CFO Ned Segal Preview An earlier version of the feature came back in May. App researcher Jane Manchun Wang is also there Recently spotted New tab.

Now, Twitter is making it official, at least for someone. According to TechCrunch, The new tab is only available “About 500” People who were among the first beta testers in space. For now, it seems that the goal of the tab is to make it easier to find spaces featuring people you’ve already followed. A Twitter spokesperson said the current version of the feature has more details such as the names of hosts and participants you know on each card. Users can view reminders for places they appear in the feature ad on

But it’s not hard to imagine that it could one day help users discover new conversations – the version that Segal showed had an “out of your network” section. The feature will make it look a bit like a clubhouse, which no one you follow is currently participating even if the room recommendations are patronized.

The new section may also eliminate some of the confusion as currently the main place to look for spaces is at the top of the app along with the fleets. Although using Twitter Visual cues To distinguish between fleet and space, it’s a cramped space in the app that can be difficult to navigate (and easy to scroll past).

The change also highlights how important spaces are to Twitter. While the company is unveiling an uninterrupted flow of new features compared to last year, SpaceSay has got a new section in the app’s main navigation bar. Separately, the company also plans to allow some users Ticket sales Conversation in space.

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