Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

The right to repair the movement from the U.S. Copyright Office has just received a great incentive. Including responding to proposals from various organizations And , The office on Wednesday recommended a new discount Section 1201 The reason for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is that it relates to consumer electronics repair. The statute prohibits the violation of software copy protection and aims to give advocates the right to repair for years.

As reported by , Copyright Office Recommends Extra protection for many consumer-oriented devices that rely on software to work. As an example, it received a recommendation from Public Knowledge and iFixit that involved video game consoles. It states that “repairs to software-enabled consumer devices may be fair use, but the Register has found that repairing certain video game consoles may also be fair use.”

It notes that consumers can access the firmware on their system as long as it is intended to fix the device’s optical drive and they can subsequently restore any security measures. Legislation cannot protect non-consumer devices. But Congress has a library , Paving the way for their implementation from 28th October

The decision could complement the Biden administration’s efforts on the same front. At the beginning of July, the President said Draft new rules to give consumers and businesses the ability to repair their devices in their own and independent stores. The executive order marks the first time that any U.S. president has emphasized the right to a repair movement. Later that month, the FTC complied with the directive and voted unanimously . At the time, it said it would work with law enforcement and policymakers to update existing regulations to protect small businesses and organizations that would prevent them from fixing their own products.

We contacted iFixit and EFF for comments.

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