The U.S. Labor Board has instructed Elon Musk to remove threatening tweets from 2018

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has found that Tesla violated U.S. labor laws by shooting union workers and Threatening the benefits of the workers Through a tweet from CEO Elon Kastur. As a result, the company must reinstate the fired worker and force Musk to be removed. Tweet in question, Bloomberg Reported.

Since May 2018, Kasturi’s tweets have drawn immediate attention as a possible violation of labor law. “There is nothing to stop the Tesla team in our factory from the polling station union. They could have done as much TMRD as they wanted. But why was nothing left for the union to pay its dues and stock options?” Tesla argued that the tweet indicated that union members of other automakers do not accept stock options. However, Wilma Liveman, former chairman of the NLRB, argued that Tesla workers would probably look at it differently. “Employees are hearing it, ‘If I vote in unification, share options will no longer be an option,'” he said. Bloomberg Time.

According to the verdict, the NLRB said that dismissed employee Richard Ortiz must be rehabilitated with all references to the disciplinary action removed from his personal files. The company must “complete it for any loss of earnings and other benefits.”

Also, it instructed Tesla that Musk should delete the questionable tweets and post a lengthy notice to workers about the ruling, stating their right to “form, join or assist the union”. The notice must state that employees will not be fired or disciplined for such activities and that the company will re-employ Ortiz through back pay. When an administrative judge advised Kasturi to read the notice aloud to staff at a meeting, the NLRB said a written notice was sufficient.

Tesla has not yet commented, but NLRB-related rulings could be appealed to federal court. The Board, however, cannot hold the executors responsible for damages or liability for violating the law, Bloomberg Note. As of today (March 2: 01: 0 AM ET), Kasturi’s tweet is still live.

The ruling also caught the attention of union officials and advocates, who said it was too late. “There is an organization here that has clearly broken the law and these workers have taken to the streets three years before justice was served,” said United Autoworks VP Cindy Estrada. Bloomberg.

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