The UK will provide an under-40s alternative to the AstraZeneca vaccine Coronavirus Epidemic News

Experts say precautionary measures reflect low levels of COVD-19 and the presence of other vaccines in the UK.

The UK Vaccine will offer adults under the age of 40 as an alternative to the AstraZeneca CVD-19 shot after its consultation on Friday from a panel of consultants.

The Joint Vaccination and Immunization Committee (JCVI) said on Friday that it had issued a new recommendation that the vaccine could cause blood clots in a small number of consumers and that it would reflect lower levels of COVD-19 infection in the UK. Availability.

Previously, JCVI’s advice was to offer an alternative vaccine only to those under 30 years of age

“As the rate of Cavid-19 continues to come under control, we recommend that the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine be offered to adults aged 18-39 if there is no underlying health condition, if available and if it is not delayed,” said JCVI’s Cavid. -19 Chairman Wei Shen Lim said.

“The advice is specific to the UK situation at this time and makes the most of the use of a wide portfolio of vaccines.”

Rare frostbite

The AstraZeneca CVD-19 shot, produced in collaboration with the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, has been linked to reports of blood clots in some recipients with low levels of platelets in the blood.

The risk of clotting seems to be higher among younger people and some countries have recommended giving shots only to older people.

The UK’s Independent Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) found 17.4 clots per million doses of vaccine in people aged 30 to 39, compared to 10.5 clots per million doses.

According to the report, 2.1 people died from clots per million doses, and 4.5 people died per million doses in 30-39 years.

The benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine “exceed the risk to the vast majority of people,” said MHRA chief Jun Rhine.

“The balance of benefits and risks is very favorable for the elderly, but more subtle for the younger ones.”

UK vaccine drive ‘still on target’

A senior health official confirmed that JCVI’s move would not affect the UK’s rapid immunization campaign. The government plans to provide the first dose of vaccine to all adults by the end of July.

“I can tell you that under the current plan, our vaccine delivery schedule will support the proposed change without limiting the speed and scale of JCVI’s vaccine rollout,” Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s deputy chief medical officer, told a news conference.

“I hope that by the end of July we aim to provide the first dose for all adults.”

There are about 35 million adults in the UK Got the first dose of the vaccine To date, more than 1 16.2 million have been completely inoculated.

Meanwhile, new data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in the United Kingdom on Friday found that the incidence of COVD-19 infection in England had dropped for the fourth week in a row.

According to ONS, the transmission rate has dropped much less than the rapid drops in the previous two weeks.

It said an estimated one in 1,190 people in England had COVID-19 in the week ending May 2, compared to 1,010 a week earlier.

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