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3,000 workers test positive for Covid-19 for United Jones Wave of Canceled Flights

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Continuous flight cancellations and a growing number of personnel testing positive for the Covid-19 are already exacerbating the dire situation.He is the US airline industry. Now, following thousands of missed flights and staff shortages, some airlines, such as United, are choosing to reduce their schedules by default.

In a letter, United CEO Scott Kirby acknowledged the scheduling pivot, as well as the cancellation and increase in sick staff. Post LinkedIn Tuesday. Kirby claimed that 3,000 United workers had tested positive for Covid-19 and that one-third of the company’s Newark, New Jersey workforce had been diagnosed with the disease in one day. These 3,000 workers make up about 4% of United’s total workforce, According to CNBC.

The CEO hopes that United’s new efforts to push back the schedule will potentially allow the company to make the limited staff and resources currently available. United is not alone. JetBlue Airlines recently announced that it would do so in advance Canceled Alaska Airlines plans to reduce its January flights by about 10% while 1,280 flights in the first half of January. As many as 5,000 flights across US airlines were canceled last weekend Flight aware Information Note At the New York Times.

Although this is not all bad news. Kirby also credits United Controversial The Covid-19 vaccine has so far been ordered to prevent any of its workers from dying or being hospitalized from the virus. Most United employees are currently vaccinated, although there are about 2,000 Spoken Applied for medical or religious exemption.

“Since our vaccine policy went into effect, the hospitalization rate among our staff has been 100 times lower than the general population in the United States,” Kirby said. “Before we needed the vaccine, sadly, on average, more than a dozen United workers were dying in Covid every week. But we’ve been carrying zero covid-related deaths among our vaccinated employees for eight consecutive weeks now – based on United’s previous experience and nationwide data on covid deaths among non-vaccinated, which means approximately 8-10 United employees survive today due to our vaccine requirements. . “

As of writing, most major US airlines now require their employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19, although there are some notable exceptions. Delta, for example, has a previous CEO, but still doesn’t need to vaccinate employees Claimed 90% of its employees were vaccinated regardless of the mandate. Southwest Airlines still does not need to vaccinate its employees.

Mass cancellation and staffing The airline is making callouts on what has been a catastrophe for the industry over the past month. Thousands of passengers and airline staff lost their lives during the holidays due to viral disruptions and the flight of nearly 4,000 flights due to bad weather. Canceled The day before Christmas and alone on Christmas day. Since then, airlines have consistently canceled Hundreds Daily flight. The CDC, in the midst of this wave of cancellations, officially Brief A positive test for Covid-19 in 10 to 5 days is its recommended isolation and quarantine period for asymptomatic or recovering individuals.

Although it is difficult to imagine, it is possible that the situation could get worse as the Omicron variant spreads to more regions and is rapidly becoming accountable for it. Irresistible Most of the Covid-19 cases. In addition to cutting the upcoming schedule, some airlines, such as United and Southwest, are trying to address the dominance of sick workers by offering Double (And if Three times) Pay for pilots to take more trips.

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