Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

The United States and China are at odds On many fronts, But climate change may not be one of them. The Washington Post Report The two countries have issued joint commitments COP26 To limit global warming in the 2020s. Both countries said they acknowledged a gap between current activity and the Paris Agreement targets that temperatures were kept below 2C and ideally not more than 1.5C.

Exact terms were not available at the time of writing, but US Climate Ambassador John Kerry said China was committed to reducing methane emissions and coal use “as soon as possible.” China, however, will not join the US-Europe initiative to reduce methane emissions by one-third after 2030.

It is not clear whether this translates into meaningful action. China has made some efforts Promote electric vehicles And Reducing coal dependence, But it is still the largest contributor to emissions and has not drastically reduced its harmful output. It did not have much of an appearance in COP26, where President Xi Jinping refused to show that he was happy to see US President Joe Biden.

USO is not without problems. Although the Biden administration has promised Half of the greenhouse gas emissions By 2030 and will encourage EV adoption, there is no guarantee that it will pass the necessary legislation to honor the party to the pledge. That is not supposed to be the next White House Undo previous environmental efforts.

Agreements between the United States and China on climate change are still rare, though, and the existence of commitments represents China’s progress. For example, the country has not previously acknowledged the effects of methane on global warming. This suggests that China is at least aware of the potential for the problem, even if it has a long way to go before it can be resolved.

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