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Three species of bats A) Eptesicus fuscus (large brown bat), B) Lasionycteris noctivagans (silver-haired bats), and C) Tadarida brasiliensis (Mexican free-tailed bat) were involved in three cases of U.S. rabies reported last year.

Three species of bats A) Aptesicus fuscas (Big brown bat), b) Lasionycteris noctivagans (Silver haired bat), and C) Tadarida brasiliensis (Mexican Free-Tailed Bat) Involved in three cases of U.S. rabies reported last year.
Pictures: CDC: picture A / unknown patient; Picture B / Mark Mayfield; Photo C / Stephen Gargeny

The rabies was unusually deadly In the United States last year, new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found thatAt least five People are dying From Viral disease in 2021. Hydrocephalus can cause infections in humans From infected animals and almost always deadly without rapid Post exposure treatment.

CDC To say The Associated Press reported late Thursday night that there had been five rabies cases in 2021. A new report of the case was detailed By CDC scientists and local health officials Release Friday. ঐ Three The rabies in August was associated with the deaths of people, all from close contact Bats.

In one case, before Covered By Gizmodo, a person in his 80s Illinois catches the bat that bit him and submits it for testing, which confirms the presence of rabies. But he refuses Preventive treatment A The rabies vaccine with donated antibodies. At the time, the man’s reason for rejection was unclear, but new The CDC report says he feared the vaccine. About a month later, he developed symptoms of general rabies, such as neck pain, paralysis, a changed mood, and difficulty swallowing, and died soon after. He died of the first rabies in the state in about 70 years.

Another one Death Involved a Young boy Texas, Who was hospitalized in November after coming in contact with a bat. In the third case, a People of Idaho Did not acknowledge the need for rabies treatment after encountering bats BBecause he is He believes Was not bit or scratched.

Hydrophobia is a frightening viral infection that targets the brain and spinal cord. Depending on the path of exposure, it can take weeks to months before symptoms appear, and during that time, post-exposure prophylaxis can almost always prevent illness and death. Once people start to feel sick, though, very little can be done, and they are Cases are almost always fatal. Although now rare in many parts of the world, due to animal control and dog vaccination programs, many are wild Mammals Carries viruses including bats. Today only one to three cases of rabies are reported in the United States each year, and by 2021 total Max Seen since 2011.

Sadly, one The death involved a man who received post-exposure treatment but probably did not respond due to undiagnosed problems with his immune system, according to the AP. The fifth death involved a man who was bitten by a rabid dog while traveling in the Philippines and later died in New York.

Contrary to popular belief, bats are not a major carrier of rabies, they are believed to be present at any given time with only a small percentage (although there are Some speculation Bats may not be as sick from rabies as other animals, they may be Still die from it) But the CDC reports The authors note that about 60,000 Americans seek treatment for potential rabies exposure each year, and that about two-thirds of these exposures involve bats.

Although rabies The rest A rare problem in the United States, The report Some notes Wise steps can be taken to further reduce it Risk. People should be aware that bats can carry rabies and avoid contact with them, the author says, and if they come in close contact with bats they should try to capture it for testing. People should be evaluated for speedy treatment even after coming in contact with a close bat or wild animal, And should be The rabies is treated if it cannot be eradicated.

Unfortunately, while these treatments are life-saving, they can be Expensive, Even cost thousands, including insurance.

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