Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

The Biden administration plans to bring together 0 countries later this month to discuss the threat of ransomware attacks for global economic and national security. Per , The virtual meeting will become part of what the president is saying is an ongoing multilateral initiative to tackle cyber security issues.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told the network that the meeting was aimed at “accelerating our cooperation in curbing cybercrime, improving law enforcement cooperation, preventing the illegal use of cryptocurrency and engaging in these issues diplomatically.”

The coalition marks the latest attempt by the Biden administration to address the ransomware issue a year later where such an attack took place. There have been gas crises in various parts of the United States. After the incident, the President said Which called for greater cooperation and exchange of information between different federal agencies. Most recently, the Treasury Department SUEX is accused of facilitating several attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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