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The cast of Venture Bros. sees the city from a rooftop in New York and from below.

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When adult swimming is canceled The Venture Bros. After a tough seven-season run a year ago, the response was quite strong. Earlier this year, the network Has announced a TV movie There’s a big update for Blu-ray and HBO Max, and now for the upcoming movie that is exciting despite how little is said in the end.

Yesterday, co-creator Jackson Public (aka Christopher McCulloch, who initially voiced Hank Venture and The Monarch) tweeted Venture Bros. Script. Dubbed as “Long Form Special” and credited to co-creator Doc Hammer, Public says: “Things are happening.”

It doesn’t have to go too far, sure, But the fandom is certainly excited to get some kind Initiative Update. Series hAs a history Significantly longer There is always a break between seasons and nothing to show until everything is complete or almost done. The largest gap so far is between four and five (2010-2013) and five and six (2013-2016). But there were some animated specials that came in that gap, so it didn’t happen Too Terrible.

Either way, the animated special is expected to wrap everything up in a somewhat beautiful bow for the characters. The last time we saw them, Hank left his family large (whenever he wore a Batman mask, obvs) and Dean started looking for him. Meanwhile, their father Rusty learns that he and his sort Nemesis the Monarch were also brothers. The new movie will emerge when both sets of Venture Brothers will try to find the answer when a mysterious woman appears and pushes out the already turbulent life of everyone even more.

In the past, the closest show to a film was the excellent 2015 special “All This and Gargantua-2,” which gave the series a soft reboot and finally moved the family to New York for the rest of the season. Hopefully with a feature film, the show will have as much bloody and anarchic fun as that special when it came three or four years later.

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