Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

The FCC may soon get its first permanent female leader. There is President Biden Nominated The current acting chairman Jessica Rosenversell In a permanent position, she is confirmed to be the first woman to lead the commission. Nomination is not a surprising move given its existing title, broad Support And alignment with White House policy on the issue Like net neutrality, But it still represents a milestone for the organization

Biden also nominated Gigi’s son For the position of an outspoken commissioner. He was an adviser to former FCC chair Tom Wheeler and an outspoken advocate of “open, cost-effective and democratic” communication, according to the White House.

Whether Rosenworcel clears the necessary barriers is another matter. The Senate must convince Rosenworth to make his appointment official, and he could face stiff opposition from Republicans, both of whom Historically anti-regulation And interested in restoring FCC control. The party could regain a majority in the commission if the position of Rosenworcel and the vacant commissioner is not confirmed by the end of 2021.

Although Rosenwersell passes in the Senate, he will be sharply opposed to the last permanent FCC chair, Ajit Pai. Although most of Rosenwarsell’s work as acting chairman has focused on easy passage rules Like RoboCall, He was a strong proponent of net neutrality and other efforts to control large telecoms. This is in stark contrast to Pie, who broke neutrality and was generally in favor of responsible telecom. Don’t be surprised if Rosenworcel uses a permanent appointment to undo more of Pie’s work, at least until it has a vote.

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