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Geralt, on foot, takes Siri and her horse across a smoky battlefield full of corpses.

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If you watched the final WitchOf The second seasonYou’ve got a good idea of ​​what Season Three’s new villain will be — The Wild Hunt, a team of seven spectral riders on skeletal horses that travel through the sky, and Deadset to capture Princess Siri, and the blood of the magician Elder. Now, Schwartz’s Lauren Schmidt explains how Hisrich Witch That brings them to life — and why Wild Hunt has come to the show, although they rarely appear Andrej SapkowskiIts basic novel.

For some reason, the answer is partly because they are the main opponents of CD Project Red’s hugely popular video game. The Witcher: Wild Hunt. Given that the critically acclaimed game is how most of the Western world became the first fans Witch, Directing both book sales and live-action adaptations, Hisrich knew that fans would expect him to appear in the Wild Hunt TV series. But they are an important part of Siri’s character development, as Heisrich explains in the video about the villain:

It is interesting to note that Hisrich says that they are “like folklore” in the world. Witch, Because they are also folklore in the real world, especially in Northern European cultures, including Sapkoski’s native Poland. Like their fictional counterparts, the Wild Hunt was a group of spooky, supernatural creatures that often flew in the sky, kidnapping people to join their hosts and depicting wars, plagues and other tragedies. In some places they were considered dead, and in others as fairies.

How much to say WitchWhether or not its Wild Hunt adheres to these legends may be an unnecessary spoiler, but enough to say that Heisrich is running them far more than what they are currently offering. Whether those secrets will be revealed in the prequel series Origin of blood Or Witch The third season is yet to come, but somehow the hunting has begun.

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