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Wonder Woman Wonder Woman: Gathering Someone with Lasso of Truth on Bloodline.

Wonder Woman in action with Lasso.
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Month after month Discussions among the staff of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stages (IATSE) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), two organizations Finally came to an agreement Last month After a while IATSE Threatened to strike. However, the leadership of IATSE has been redesigned A big win for the union in approving the Basic Agreement, there were multiple members Quick to express their concerns That new deal didn’t go far enough to address issues such as good residues and strict protection for on-set breaks.

Although a narrow majority (50.4%) of the participating members of the IATSE actually voted Against Passing the basic agreement, because the company uses a representative system, the new agreement was passed, and will remain in effect until 2024, when the current agreement expires. This can seem like a lot of things once the Basic Agreement is passed Settled, but IATSE has 839 local membersHe is preparing for the Animation Guild (TAG) – another important discussion that could significantly affect the livelihoods of those working in the industry.

As some members of the IATSE are dissatisfied with the new Basic Agreement, its approval means that negotiations for a new Animation Guild Master Agreement with AMPTP could finally begin. TAG’s previous master contract — which was Signed by more than 50 manufacturing companies Netflix, Walt Disney Pictures, and Warner Bros. The animation expired before it was extended from 31st July to 30th October With negotiations for a new contract set to begin next week, TAG members are talking more clearly about one more important issue: the pay gap between writing for animation and writing for live-action.

Talking to DiversityMyragrad Scott, chair of the TAG Writers ‘Committee, explains how achieving pay equality with the Writers’ Guild of America is a top concern for TAG. This is because the system now treats text as a separate function for existing animation and live-action.

“There’s no difference in quality and no difference in difficulty,” Scott said. “We deserve equal pay for writers who do the same thing.”

As a Variety Note, the authors of the Live-Action project (which WGA mainly focuses on, Except for a few notable exceptions Simpsons And other Fox cartoons) have a minimum weekly salary range from $ 4,063 to $ 5,185. On the other hand, the TGA animation writers’ weekly low of 0 2,064, a significantly lower rate that carries a lot of impact, is one of the main ideas. Writing for animation is somehow less labor intensive and not worth the same kind of compensation. Although there are certainly differences between the authors Houses work for animated and metspace, they are both places where a bunch of people get together (either physically, or practically because it’s 2021) and dream. Items for the creative team to translate into visual arts.

There is a way to create stratification in this huge industry of pay inequality that only complicates the many more challenges that workers often have to face, Such as lack of clarity about opportunities for internal work development. Since the authors are just under 10% of the TAG membership, and there are other groups within the guild who are pushing for their own priorities in the new master agreement, it is not clear how successful Push will be for pay equality. As TAG goes to the next round of negotiations with AMPTP, though, It will be very interesting to see how the discussion goes.

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