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Captain Krakowa, wearing a half-face mask covering his eyes, apologizes to an unseen pair of kids as he prepares to fly and tackles the problem.

Say hello to the new X-Men member.
Pictures: Pepe Larraj, Marte Gracia and Clayton Cowles / Marvel Comics

Marvel’s MutantKind Don’t die right now. Okay, mutants do-They just come back. But only the Krakowans know that their island nation has given their species great privacy … which makes it a very big problem when one of them dies in public. Just like Krakow Facing unrest inside, X-Men are facing the strangest PR crisis they can think of right now.

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Superhero comics are always about death beyond a certain iconic period, less and more as a permanent sacrifice. A temporary leave. Within and without the text of the genre, listeners and characters alike have come to regard death as not entirely a joke, but rather something more fleeting. So when Home And The power of X. Charles Xavier has created one of the greatest twists of the Magneto and Krakow era. A deal with the devil It is Mr. Sinister who gave birth to the Resurrection Protocol – a structural process that combines the powers of five specific mutants to resuscitate any dead mutant on the island of Krakoa in a new body, their memories being restored through Cerebro – to the lesser-known mutants. The reader had: an interesting problem which Can be surpassed, More or less, quite easily.

The power to deceive death has become an important branch of Krakow society, transforming the sovereign nation into a utopian superpower. Done with all that Sometimes moral crisis Such a thing could entail. But it is also one of the biggest advantages of mutant civilization against their enemies and therefore one of the biggest secrets of the island. It was When Krakow’s role in the world became more volatile, all was well and good, even as it shared wonderful drugs with the world for quick-track recognition of its sovereignty. But As Krakow citizens and leaders alike begin to look more openly at the wider world – especially now that the X-Men have re-emerged as a group, setting up their own operations in New York – trying to hold on to the fact that mutants are close to the dead. A secret mystery that could come back from is getting harder and harder.

More difficult when one of their most famous heroes dies untidy and in public.

Image of the article titled Keeping the X-Men's Greatest Secret Requirements One Hell of a PR Campaign

Pictures: Pepe Larraj, Marte Gracia and Clayton Cowles / Marvel Comics

The same thing happened last week X human # 6, by Gary Dugan, Pepe Larraj and Marte Gracia, Clayton Cowles and Tom Mueller. After teasing the arrival of a new X-Men leader in the form of Krakowa earlier, the still-mysterious masked mutant has more interesting ideas than adopting mutantkind, like other sovereign nations, they have a walking nationalist Ubermens own American captain in a PR campaign, Britain There is (well, actually, there is Krakow) Dibs on that one too Nowadays) কেনThen why not a new captain for the Krakow era? But X human Much more interested in the immediate concept of # 6 Why In this case, beyond the dream of a nation, Krakow needs its captain. It is interested in maintaining a completely different kind of dream: how far Is the Coalition Council and its commanders willing to go to protect the privacy of mutant resurrections?

Captain Krakow’s debut reveals not only the new heroes, but their identities এবং and who they are We thought it would. Captain Krakow Is A new mask for an old mutant, but the situation is said to be more complicated: “Six days in the future, The problem is that somehow, Scott Summers, the current leader The first Krakowan X-Men team, Dying. She’s done it before, she’s fine. The problem this time is that he will die on human soil, and die in a way that is so obvious that Cyclops will not be able to see the ray of the eye again as it always has. The co-heroes console mutants known for their losses, crowds gather outside the X-Men’s New York residence to pay their respects to the fallen leader of the party — and one of the city’s best journalists, Ben Urich, narrates a mutant path that could resurrect protocol even if Scott Didn’t Just show back up again. But Scott Summers Scott Summers, And he a Mutant: Death means nothing to him, unless it means something outside of him. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well as the most delusional.

Image of the article titled Keeping the X-Men's Greatest Secret Requirements One Hell of a PR Campaign

Pictures: Pepe Larraj, Marte Gracia and Clayton Cowles / Marvel Comics

Captain Krakowa, of course Absolutely different hero from Cyclops, to literally throw off the scent. Her dress A wide holo-camouflage for Scott’s wear X human # 6 Scott’s ruby-tinted energy is far from exploding. Good cUpton can fly, For newcomers; He can Shoot From wrist-mounted gauntlets to krakoan vines, and at least some level of superhuman strength and durability. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The source, however, says that the next issue is a scandal. A mutant promises to publicly avenge the fall of Cyclops, but instead a new protagonist knocks Urich off the path of resurrection and believes the idea. For that X-Men, death is still a concept that all comic book heroes do. Captain Krakow does not exist to promote the island’s greatest strength, as its name implies, but to protect its greatest weakness from being universal.

It remains to be seen how long that speculation will last. Even without resurrection protocol, death is always going to flow in superhero comics. One day, Cyclops will return, but not as soon as he hopes.AAnd New York teammates like Spider-Man and Avengers aren’t going to bat as much in the blink of an eye as they seem to, Will he come back now, in light of what his untimely death will reveal?. Cyclops may have had a rest as an idea, but Scott Summers didn’t-And now he really has to check the price He is willing to pay for Xavier’s dream, for himself and for all the mutantkinds in the process.

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