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Aragorn (Viggo Mortenson) looks unprepared from the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

The king of Gondor is dissatisfied.
Pictures: New Line Cinema

There is great news for Lord of the Rings Fans! But not necessarily Good The news can actually be bad news, in fact, depending on how long you’ve been waiting for your upgrade. Lotar And Hobbit Blu-ray. Adaptations of six films from JRR Tolkien’s favorite fantasy series Coming in 4K Ultra HD Again … and it’s about. That’s all Wonderful extra On your Blu-ray, however, will be behind.

It would be foolish to describe a box set with 1 separate disc as “empty bones”, but this is exactly what the “Middle-Earth Ultimate Collector Edition” set is all about. It has movies in it and that’s practically it. Now, to be fair, you’re getting it All The movies have been rebuilt in standard Blu-ray format, including both 4K UHD and both theatrical and augmented versions. It’s a little hard to imagine, so here’s a breakdown of what’s on the set:

So three Hobbit Movies –An unexpected journey, the destruction of smog, And Battle of five forcesEach has four discs: theatrical cut on Blu-ray, extended edition on Blu-ray, theatrical cut on 4K, and then extended 4K. But the movie Three Lords of the Rings:Ring Fellowship, The Two Towers, And The return of the king-Each has six discs each: Theater in Blu-ray, Theater in 4K, and then the Extended Edition takes two discs in two formats. This is a huge total of 30 disks, which leaves one left – extra.

This single disc does not contain the contents of the 12 discs of the amazing extras দুটি two movie-enhanced versions per movie are available in Blu-ray releases. Dubbed ‘Appendix’, it contains hours and Hours Behind-the-scenes footage, documentaries, interviews, art and more, and these are just some of the special features created so far. Even The Hobbit Got the same treatment, Provide clear and unambiguous insights How that trio was produced. Instead, here All Additions to the Middle-Earth Ultimate Collector’s Edition include:

Can reel the original Cannes Film Festival presentation

Footage from the recent Alamo Drafthouse cast reunion

30 “Special Features” of 30-40 minutes for each of the three Lord of the Rings Movies

… and we’re done! That list! Oh, and by the way? Original Blu-ray features three commentary tracks per movie? They are also missing. What a version of Middle-Earth Ultimate Collector By There’s a nice box containing some fine art, individual art cards, and a “one-page booklet containing notes on clothing, photography, and film production.” You can see all the wonders of the set in the 37-second video above.

We reached out to Warner Bros. For now, though, the Middle-Earth Ultimate Collector’s Edition will run you $ 249.99 and will end on October 26th.

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