There is a way to upgrade the memory and storage of the M1 Mac

With the launch of Apple, it has spread up-and-down upgrades M1-based Max With seemingly non-upgradable memory and storage, however, there’s probably a way to improve your system – if you want to touch the air caution. McAumers There is I have learned There are technicians in Guangzhou, China Found a way To separate RAM and SSD chips for replacement of high-power parts. For example, you can theoretically upgrade to 16GB of RAM if the base doesn’t cut it to 8GB. MacOS recognizes upgrades in a way that makes it official.

As you can imagine, though, the process is full of dangers. You’re removing the sonard-on chips and replacing them with components you can’t find in any other store – it’s a tough process guaranteed to void your warranty. If you want to avoid bogging your Mac, you also need to include RAM and SSD chips which are at least faster than Apple’s.

This shows that the M1 is more flexible than it appears. It wouldn’t be shocking if Max of the future (Especially desktops) offer easier upgrade paths with more new CPUs, even if they are not yet official. Think of it more as a glimpse of what is happening than something you want to try right now.


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