There is clear corruption in accepting Lula Balsonaro as the Brazilian court upheld the verdict

The next presidential election is scheduled for October 2022, and the devastating toll of the epidemic could be a key issue.

Brazil’s Supreme Court has upheld the death sentence of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, paving the way for a run-off against Zaire Bolsanoro next year.

On Thursday, Supreme Court Justice Addison Fachin ruled in early March that the lower federal court where Lular was tried had reached the most expected majority decision on Thursday. There is a lack of authority; A verdict that was quickly appealed by Brazil’s top lawyers.

The verdict does not acquit Lula, but actually sends the prosecutors to a separate court to score one.

Lula’s dismissal, albeit on a systematic basis, has raised objections in Brazilian politics, with right-wing President Jaye Bolsonaro preparing for re-election as the Covid-19 epidemic devastates Latin America’s largest country.

Bolsonaro described a virus that killed more than 365,000 Brazilians, the world’s second-highest death toll, from the “slight flu”. Following Fachin’s ruling, Lula described Bolsonaro’s approach to the epidemic as “obsolete” and He compared the situation to genocide.

Lula, now a 75-year-old popular but stigmatized leftist politician and former steel worker, led Brazil’s economic progress from 2003 to 2010.

His lawyers have called the judges’ decision “historic.”

“This is another Supreme Court judgment that reaffirms the credibility of the justice system in our country,” they said in a statement.

Bolsonaro caution

Bolsonaro, a former army captain who is 66 years old, said the ruling meant “Lula is now a candidate” for 2022 – and clearly warned of the consequences.

In his weekly live address on Facebook, the current president said, “Look at the future of Brazil, what kind of people he will become president for, what will happen to him,” the current president said in his weekly live speech on Facebook.

“You can all draw your own conclusions.”

Lula was convicted in 2018 of accepting bribes from engineering firms in exchange for public contracts, and she and others spent a year and a half behind bars for failing to appeal their cases without spending time in jail until the Supreme Court ruled.

Lula and her supporters blasted the anti-corruption task force that brought her down, called her Operation car wash, Which has exposed a lot of corruption involving state oil giant Petrobus as a politically significant effort. The leaked conversations in 2019 have raised questions about whether investigators cut corners to protect the safety.

The taskforce was disbanded in February. Lula has always maintained that she is innocent and the lawsuits against her were a conspiracy to simplify her politically.

The election is scheduled for October 2022. Preliminary polls suggest it will be a tough competition.

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