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After we get Married, my husband will forget … a lot. He would take out the trash and forget to put a new bag in the dab. He would write down a grocery list, get in his car, and delete it … He would drop the kids off at school and go to work, forgetting to mention that they decided to get in the car, not the bus. These slips frustrated me.

To make matters worse, I was not innocent either. I had a habit of overbooking appointments, with four times booking we had to go to different places across the city in one afternoon. I got tired of arguing, tired of boring friends I promised to spend time with, and totally on my husband and my endless cycle of forgetting.

One day, I reached the end of my intellect. I booked three times, promised a birthday party, had lunch with friends, and didn’t understand until my mom had dinner. When we reached my mother, we found out that she had run away to a grocer and had locked her key inside the house. Even better, my husband forgot. He reassured her that he had left his extra set in our glove bogie, but after turning the car around in a frenzy, he knew they were somewhere, he got up empty-handed. Eventually, I jumped the fence and learned how to open the hostage window, tearing my favorite skirt in the process.

When we made it home, we fell into bed tired of seeing the philosophy that had turned into our lives. I started to think, in this age of technology, there is a magical app for couples like us who had trouble keeping our heads straight. Complete denial: I understand that “there is an app for this”, and there are people for that application – I’m not one of them. (I still use the browser version of YouTube on my phone!) However, Users have downloaded 36 billion apps Google Play and the Apple App Store merged in the first quarter of 2021. And I was going to be one of them.

After a bit of research I found a few apps that allow every member of the family (and even baby keepers) to keep in touch with each other with a smartphone.

One who has been called RowsSounds like a dream come true for our family. I hesitated, he didn’t, but we both tried it. A week passed, then two. And then something strange happened. The quarrel was alleviated. Forgetting has decreased. And we were just booking a promise every day. And unless my husband forgets his phone (which, let’s face it, his thumb will be like forgetting), he’ll never be left behind on another grocery list. Soon, even my kids were begging to get into magic.

Although it’s not about a specific app. Several family-friendly organization apps exist এবং and families of any size can benefit from what works for them. Cozy worked for us. But others like it Picnic And Our home Be proud of a number of similar features that keep you organized – and all three have free versions that are more than enough to keep your family commitments and tasks organized and running smoothly.

No matter which app you choose, you’ll benefit from features like grocery lists that everyone in your family (including kids) can add, so the responsibility of reporting empty cartons of milk or eggs does not rest on just one person.

Similarly, the shared calendar feature, which is appropriate for the school-going season, is life-saving for us. Everyone in the family can enter their personal commitments into a calendar that the whole family can see. You can set alerts for a predetermined period of time before you receive a reminder so that no one, especially the committed person, misses or forgets about it.

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