This H 80 HP portable photo printer can fit in your pocket

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High-quality photography has been accessible since smartphones became commonplace, but only recently portable photo printing has become so readily available. One of these options is HP Sprocket, A compact instant photo printer you can take in your pocket to produce images on the fly and now it’s available for the 80’s.

This handy portable printer allows you to create images as quickly as you capture them. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to print 2×3-inch photos that you can display, save, or render. Sprocket can load up to 10 sheets of HP Zinc photo paper at once which it uses to issue high quality images. These photos are completely smooth-proof and will last as long as they are printed on paper.

Sprocket cannot be a truly modern printer without the ability to add fun touch-ups to your images. That’s why the HP Sprocket app includes great features that allow you to sort and frame your images before printing. You can also create photos taken directly from social media, so you will have both a digital and physical way to save special moments.

This portable printer weighs less than a pound and is about the size of an average smartphone, so in most places you can safely store a phone or tablet. To preview your print queue, you can scan your printer using the app and virtually inspect your print jobs using reality.

HP Sprocket has earned four stars on Amazon because of its small, light and vibrant color printing. Save the pictures to your phone with paper HP Sprocket Portable 2 “x3” Instant Photo Printer, Currently priced at $ 80.

Subject to price change.

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