Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

It would make a person at least 40 years old I would say and probably a long time since the old brain is slow.

But it does bring a few things to light.

1 It may be like knowing how to use it because it can be more ergonomic, or even more ergonomic.

It basically looks like a bunch of console controller win sticks, 1 for each finger. The problem is most people will never switch like Dvorak though it is better. So you have to take this thing with you and live in your own special world. However, you still need to know how to type on a regular keyboard every time you can’t plug it in.

Anyway I can see that this thing is getting bigger in computer gaming or other highly competitive fields.

If BTW claims that it has 300 key access, then 1 of them has 150 key access, which is enough for a whole keyboard. And that can be awesome in its own special kind. You can type everything with 1 hand and place your other hand on the mouse.

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