This revolutionary weight loss program is supported by psychology

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Weight loss programs and fads are common to obscure resources that can help you live healthier lives. Num A program that focuses on lifestyle changes using psychology-based, self-improvement research-supported methods and currently costs only 50 cents. Seven days trial.

What is Noom?

Noom is a program that helps a person make positive changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle. Noom uses the accessibility of technology and the sympathy and personal touch of human counselors to encourage sustainable change. They have found a helpful and productive home with Noom that they have lost weight using other programs.

Noom provides guides to professionals trained in cognitive behavioral therapy to work towards their health goals. The combination of humanitarian assistance and technology has made Noom accessible through a personal experience and technology informed by psychology.

Noom is every step of the process Customized to individual usersFrom the entrance survey that learns each user’s body, goals and habits through personalized advice and guidance.

How Num works

Num is founded on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, which focuses on treatments that address the underlying thought or behavioral patterns of unhealthy or unsustainable habits. Users will gain a better idea of ​​themselves so that they can make positive, lasting changes.

NOM users see the barriers to their health journey being legitimized by the service’s health consultants, which helps users understand their personal barriers and where they can change. How to show members Lose weight and maintain their new fitness Through hard work, accountability and cognitive training.

Users can gain their support in a way that users are responsible for their set goals. You will have plenty of useful resources that will help you in the practical aspects of your health journey, with an extensive food database with over 400,000 items and any “off-limit” food, including a useful AI for extra help and everything directly accessible from your phone. Advantage.

What will you experience with Noom?

After finishing a Short Eating Survey Which collects necessary health information, including current weight and health goals, users engage with goal experts. Noom coaches are holistic, educated on best practices for healthy development and all of them have associate degrees or higher, are certified in at least one of several healthcare fields, or have a minimum of 2,000 hours of work experience in the field.

The method by which Noom helps users achieve their goals is to focus on global growth, both mentally and physically. Users are mentored by trained coaches who are skilled enough in terms of physical and mental health and hold users accountable.

A seven-day trial Noom is currently selling for only 50 cents.

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