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Asus Genbook 13 OLED

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Every time a new thin, light laptop comes across my desk I resign further to the fact that now is the time to move on from my 5 year old gaming laptop. I’m focusing on the middle-aged and I need a practical, portable machine to keep my hips in their sockets. (Me To feel Old, okay?) I will always have a dedicated spot on my desktop at home, but for traveling, typing on my couch, or sitting at a small metal table on a cafe structure, it would be nice to have a machine with batteries that four Do not die after hours. The new Asus Zenbook 13 OELD I am testing is one The Get a laptop for all these needs.

At 2.51 pounds and 0.54 inches thick, Asus’ new slim and lightweight laptop is configured with the 11th General Intel or Raizen 5000U-series AMD processor. The Raizen 7 5800U with one reviewed here has Vega graphics, 16GB of memory and 1TB SSD. It’s great running, it’s great cool, and it’s a good round machine that only has a few minor problems.

Incredible battery life, solid performance

First of all, I have to give a kind of applause in this battery life of Zenbook. This is extraordinary. Clocking in at 14.5 hours, it lasts about 30 minutes longer than the M1 MacBook Air and 2 hours longer than the Microsoft Surface laptop. Slim 7 for hour power, but the Zenbook has no inclination.

Compared to the Intel Core i7-1185G7, AMD’s Raizen 7 5800U comes at processing speeds when it picks up a lot of heavy lifting. Presenting a 3D image of the car in Blender is about 45 seconds faster with the Raizen 7 5800U (5:18 compared to 6 minutes) and GPU computes about 8-10 seconds. It takes 9 minutes 30 seconds to transcode 4K video in 1080p at 30 frames per 4 seconds handbrake compared to 11-12 minutes with Intel chip.

Where the AMD Raisin 7 5800U lags behind it has integrated graphics. The ZenBook doesn’t make laptops in any way, shape or size, but Intel’s Iris X Graphics is a major leap as far as integrated GPU performance goes. Playing some games at low 1080p or 720p at high levels yields results of around 60 fps or more, but AMD’s integrated graphics do not have such an omp. Probably most people will use Zenbook for word processing, email and other productivity-oriented work? Nah.

I should keep in mind that if you want a “true” Raizen 5000U-series processor with this laptop, make sure you are getting Raizen 7 5800U or Raizen 5 5600U. Needless to say, the 5700U and 5500U are not part of AMD’s 5000 mobile processor family, but the other two chips are in AMD’s older Zen2 architecture, built on the chipmaker’s previous generation CPU. Their frequency has decreased slightly but most of the performance gap between 5800U / 5600U and 5700U / 5500U is due to architectural changes.

Genbook vs. Competition

The Asus ZenBooks will be a 5800U or 5600U with similar performance to its own Intel 11th-Zen versions এবং and other brands of the same Tiger Lake processor. MSI’s prestige 14 Evo. Performance is often not the reason to make a decision with this type of small laptop, but the price and special features. For example, an Evo-certified laptop like the Pretz 14 as a slit-second time to get out of sleep mode. This Zenbook with AMD? Yes, it can.

Both have displays of almost the same size, and have similar chassis designs. A lip behind the air lifts the bottom upwards for more air flow ifts The more you look at the back of the screen, the larger the gap. The wrist on both laptops extends the touchpad across a large portion of the rest, so like the Prestige 14 I accidentally hit the pad when I didn’t mean to. I also like the keyboard at Prestige; The keys to the Zenbook are too small for my taste, and typing in it makes my fingers feel narrow. There is no room for my fingers to move around like Prestige.

Also, unlike the prestige, the ZenBook has no Thunderbolt port, and its screen is also a little smaller. However, it has integrated the number one pad with the touchpad, which responds to the soft tape.

Amazing LED screen

This is a preview of armchair activist Asus Genius. It’s miles better than Prestige. Like MSI’s laptops, the ZenBook has a 1080p FHD display, but instead of an IPS screen, it’s a Pantone-verified, Visa-certified HDR OLD display. In other words, the colors are pop and blacks are beautiful and dark. The display is out at 400 nits which is 100 nits brighter than the Prestige 14.

The stock backgrounds that come with our review unit display those LEDs with colorful lovely, soft vortices that are practically neon because the screen is so vibrant. While it has a 13-inch screen, movies look great on it – especially Our planet. Looking at the earth from space, frogs on the Amazon … it’s beautiful enough to cry. The speakers are also surprisingly good for a small laptop, so it wins around in favor of the Zenbook in terms of visuals and sound.

And that’s the main difference between other smaller laptops like the ZenBook and Prestige 14. The ZenBook is more for video editors and photographers who need some portable and lightweight, but with a lot of processing power and long battery life and has an HDMI 2.1 port if they need to plug it into an external monitor or a TV.

Should you buy this thing?

The Zenbook is cheaper than other laptops in its class. (This is also the trend for AMD-powered laptops of all sizes and shapes) Double the memory to 16GB, but leave 512GB of storage and you’re just looking at a grand.

As I said, there’s not much to dislike about the Asus ZenBook 13 OLD. If you are specific about your keyboard like me, this laptop may be a hit or a stand alone based but if you are lucky enough to decide to type some tests in a store and choose the keys, this Zenbook is a solid investment.

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