This teacher danced through the Myanmar coup

Myanmar’s military coup on Monday took an unreasonable turn when a video of a woman dancing in front of an armored vehicle spread on social media.

As the military coup continues, a video of the bibix appears to have been filmed on Monday morning, which appears to contain an surreal scene of the army taking over. A lively electronic beat This woman named Khing Hnin Y dances for three minutes, seemingly unconscious from the anxiety behind her. According to his Facebook profile, he is a physical education teacher who has been appointed by the country’s education ministry.

Online, people call the video “The first great art of the twenty-first century“And a”Insane 2021 vibe

The video was so incredible that viewers began to wonder if she was dancing in front of a green screen. They pointed to the shadow behind the woman, part of which disappeared in the video.

However, the video is less likely to be fake. A search Displays the location She danced on a circular staircase not far from Myanmar’s parliament, which is why the shadows seem to have faded. Pictures from the street Bellingcat researcher Eric Toler posted Also confirm the location.

Days later, the PE teacher himself posted videos of other exercises depicted in the same place. He did not immediately respond to a request for an interview with BuzzFeed News.

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