This week’s best deal: more than 50 percent without Beats’ Solo Pro headphones and more

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A bunch of Apple devices went on sale across the web this week. Beat Solo Pro headphones are now more than 50 percent off and the MacBook Air M1 still remains at its lowest price. Fitbit sales on Charge 4 dropped to 50 50 more than their normal price, and just before the weekend, Best Buy launched a new three-day sale – we found the best ones to look for in the bunch. This week we get the best technology strategies you can get today.

Beats Solo Pro

Billy Steele / Engadget

You can still catch the light blue Beats Solo Pro Wireless headphones for 145 in Woote. Most other colorways come down to 150 150, which is also a great thing. We a Score of 71 For their great sound quality, advanced design and good ANC. Make sure you check Boot return policy Before buying.

Buy Watts Beats Solo Pro – 5 145

MacBook Air M1

Apple MacBook Air M1

Devindra Hardware / Engadget

Foundation MacBook Air M1 Until the sale at 50 950, which is a record low. In addition to Apple’s new processor, this model has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. It is Impressed us Its blazing fast performance, solid keyboard and trackpad, lovely retina display and lack of fan noise.

Buy MacBook Air M1 on Amazon – 50950

Magic keyboard for iPad

Apple Magic keyboard for iPad


Both 11 inches And 12.9-inches Magic keyboards for the iPad at their lowest prices: 199 199 and 24 249, respectively. If you can find good Bluetooth keyboards in small quantities of course, Apple’s accessories provide the most luxurious typing experience. We gave it a 84 score For its sleek design, smooth trackpad and ability to charge your iPad while you’re using it.

Buy a 12.9-inch Magic Keyboard on Amazon – 9 249 Buy the 11-inch Magic Keyboard on Amazon – 199 199

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

With the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 laptop, his id is sitting on a wooden table.


Samsung’s new Galaxy Chromebook 2 এ 100 off at both Good shopping And Samsung’s online store. This laptop came out a few months ago and we gave it away 82 score For its impressive QLED screen, good performance and surprisingly loud speakers.

Buy Galaxy Chromebook 2 at Samsung – 9444 Best Buy Galaxy Chromebook 2 – 9444

Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Tracker.

Valentina Paladino / Engadget

You can still get an extra $ 50 discount Fitbit Charge 4 Tracker When using code Charge 50 When you checkout at Charge 4 was released last year and includes built-in GPS, which no other Fitbit band has. We gave it a 82 score It has accurate GPS, as well as its multi-day battery life and a fitted payload.

Fitbit Charge Buy 4 Fitbit – $ 99.95 Buy Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition -. 119.95

Google Nest thermostat

Google Nest thermostat


Google’s latest Nest thermostat It’s dropping just below ১০ 100 a day without ৩০ 30. Amazon also has a co-smart home device Trimming kit That discount has been 4 114.97. Sales come ahead of Earth Day this year, and smart thermostats can help you monitor and reduce your home’s energy usage. The Google device will teach you ways to reduce your electricity consumption as you use your home system, and features a quick schedule that lets you set different temperature profiles that will automatically turn the device on and off depending on your preferences.

Buy Nest Thermostat on Amazon – .999.98 Buy Nest Thermostat with Trim Kit on Amazon – 4 114.97

UF2-Camera Baby Monitor Kit

UFI Spaceview Baby Monitor

Will Lippman Photography

UFI has two camera baby monitor kits On Amazon, it dropped to 190 190, which is 50 50 more than its normal price, and its record lows. If you prefer a monitor that uses an FHSS connection instead of WiFi, you can have a camera in two rooms that you can place in different rooms. Lets keep an eye out.

Buy UFY Baby Monitor Kit (2-Camera) on Amazon – $ 190

Best Buy 3 Day Sale

Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3


The 13 inch Surface Laptop 3 It came down to $ 900, which is 400 400 more than its normal price. You get a Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB storage in this model which are decent designs for everyday driver. We gave the 15-inch model a Score of 80 Its clean, minimalist design, gorgeous screen and table for keyboard and trackpad.

Best Buy Surface Laptop 13 – $ 900

Surface Pro 7 + type cover

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Type Cover


You can get one Surface Pro 7 2-in-1 and cover type সপ্তাহ 799 bundle again this week. It’s always worth waiting for this kind of sale because you often pay more for the device alone and usually it doesn’t come with its keyboard. We gave it to the Surface Pro 7 82 score For its strong performance, solid build and great typing experience (at least when using the type cover).

Buy Best Buy Surface Pro 7 Bundle – 99799

Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +

Cheryl Lowe / Engadget

Most Galaxy Tab S7 The most affordable models are now on sale for 570. These are Samsung’s answers to the iPad Pro and we gave the S7 one Score of 80 For its strong build, great performance and long battery life.

Best Buy Buy Galaxy Tab S7 – 70 570 Buy Best Buy Galaxy Tab S7 + – 70 770

New tech business

Thermorx Thermapen MK4

One of our favorite grilling gadgets Thermo Works Thermin MK4 Red sells for শতাংশ 74.25 or 25 percent of its normal price. It’s one of the best instant-read thermometers we’ve tried for cooking and we like its rotation, backlit display and its automatic on / off function that triggers movement. Pick it up when you need to use it, and when you’re done, it’ll shut down once you’re set up.

Buy Therman MK4 at r 74.25 at ThermoWorks


JLAB’s Go Air Wireless Earbuds s Now down to $ 25 which is no less than all the time, already a good deal on affordable buds. We a Score of 75 For their comfortable design, reliable touch controls and their case design, it has a USB charging cable.

Best Buy JLAB Go Air – 25 25

Ventru N2 Pro

Ventru N2 Pro Dash Cam When you combine on-page coupons with code. Selling at 125 NZGMIKZ2 At checkout. Dash cams can be a necessary piece of technology to keep in your car if you have an accident. We like the N2 Pro’s dual-facing camera, 1080p 30fps video recording, infrared night vision and G-sensor activation.

Buy Ventru N2 Pro on Amazon – $ 125

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