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After somehow making it through the second year of global epidemics and political unrest, give your holiday shopping list to your loved ones the best gift of all: the doom-scrolling option. In Engadget’s 2021 Media Gift Guide you’ll find a diverse selection of books – fiction and nonfiction alike – as well as a host of streaming content advice that will keep their recipients entertained during and after the holidays. If you found a book, show or movie that you think would make the perfect gift, tell us about it in the comments below!


The black sun By Rebecca Ronhors

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Now Bestselling author, Rebecca Ronhors – The literary power behind it Star Wars: The Rebirth of Resistance – Done again. His latest fantasy series, Between the earth and the sky, Takes readers on an epic journey of trauma, healing, revenge and ultimate liberation. The first book in the series, 2020’s Black sun, A skillfully captivating – and remarkably inclusive – story weave that avoids the resurgence of ordinary Arthurian legends for a unique fantasy world inspired by pre-Columbian American culture. If you’ve got fantasy fans on your holiday shopping list, choose Black Sun for them before the sequel, Favorite star, Drop next April.

Buy Black Sun on Amazon – $ 13

The age of madness Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie

Its the end Game of Thrones There was nothing less than a slap in the face of the fans. I mean, really, that’s all and Bran won? GTFOH. If you’ve got a fan of George “Double R” Martin on your holiday shopping list, help them and get them started on Joe Abercrombie’s The Age of the Madness Trilogy. Settle in a world where the seeds of industrialization have just been sown and even the magic and mysticism of the age stubbornly refuses to be uprooted, AoM The war tells the story of powerful nations when their ruling powerful elites fight for control of both the external destiny of their country and the internal politics of their courts. Full of impressive character, political intrigue, incredible change of fortune and stunning betrayal, The age of madness A terrifying masterpiece where everyone, for once, gets what they deserve.

Buy Age of Madness trilogy on Amazon – $ 35

1414º By Paul Bradley Car

Books and other media for the Engadget 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.

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Whether we like it or not, this is the world of Jeff Bezos and the rest of us live in it. The current slate of our 21st-century techno-pirate barons has acquired unparalleled wealth and irresistible power; But as Paul Bradley Carr’s latest novel, 1414º, Explains, you can’t spend that money or have that effect when you die. If you’re a fan of high-tension hoodnets and techno-thrillers on your holiday shopping list, 1414º That would be a definite hit.

Buy 1414º on Amazon – $ 5

Fugitive telemetry (The Murderbot Diary) by Martha Wells

Books and other media for the Engadget 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.

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Martha Wells can’t stop, won’t stop, will drop the Murderboat hit. The royal queen of hard sci-fi has been released Fugitive telemetry – The sixth book of his Hugo, Nebula, Locus and Alex Prize Series wins – Earlier this year and I tell you from experience, it’s a banger. Our self-conscious SecUnit anti-hero is back on another adventure, this time on the way to an evil killer in the space station. If your holiday shopping list enjoys sci-fi nautical space conspiracies and robotic mysteries, you can’t go wrong Fugitive telemetry.

Buy Fugitive Telemetry on Amazon – $ 12

Indomitable tenant BV Larson’s series

The year is 2052, and the earth has inadvertently attached itself to a galactic empire that does not even know its existence, and is presented with a simple choice: provide our new alien overlords with an effective commercial product or face extinction. Thus, the mercenaries of the world are born. Equipped with alien-built weapons and a mysterious technology that allows troops to regroup after being killed in battle – such as reloaded from previous save points but much more loaded – the Earth’s armies travel across the stars to fight the giant nations of the galaxy. Very self-important for. Already 16 books deep, Author BV Larson has been leading the field of military science from the front, so if you’ve got a fan of it Starship Troopers, Alien-Style Space Marines, or Tom Cruise The edge of tomorrow On your holiday shopping list, congratulations! You can now overcome them.

Buy the Undying Mercenaries Series (16 books) on Amazon – $ 110

Actual fact-based literature

A young woman is reading a robotics book in a library  Okayama, Japan

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Bright Galaxy, Dark Matter and Beyond By Ashley Jean Yeager

Far from the family name, pioneering research by astronomer Vera Rubin has helped the scientific community to believe in the possibility that dark matter – a mysterious substance that makes up the vast majority of the universe but cannot be observed – actually exists. Inside Bright Galaxy, Dark Matter and Beyond (Don’t get me wrong Bright galaxies, dark matter, A compilation of Rubin’s own essays), author Ashley Jean-Yager takes readers on an inspiring biographical journey through the first year of Astronomer as she examines the challenges of working in often unfavorable, male-dominated fields and her final judgments and professional victories – to you. Looked Vera c. Rubin Observatory. If you find a young person on your holiday shopping list who is interested in following STEM, this may be the book that leads them to the path of scientific greatness.

Buy Bright Galaxy, Dark Matter and Beyond on Amazon – $ 15

N-4 down By Mark Picing

In Zeppelin’s exciting times, airships were not only a great way to slowly reach distant destinations with comfort and luxury, they (though Pokিmon) offered a new way of exploring. N-4 down Mark Picing takes readers through the thrilling, nail-biting adventure of the largest Arctic rescue operation in history when the famous Norwegian explorer, Roald Amundsen, rushes to the rescue of the surviving crew of the airship. Italy, Which crashed in 1928 during an attempt to land men at the North Pole History and aviation lovers will love it on your holiday shopping list

Buy N-4 Down on Amazon – 15

Under the white sky By Elizabeth Colbert

Over the last 10,000 years, humanity has had an unprecedented and massively destructive impact on the environment around us. But climate change is increasingly wreaking havoc on us in return, so humanity must now work to reverse or at least reduce the damage we have done. Inside Under a white sky: the nature of the future, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Elizabeth Colbert examines with Mother Earth what we can do to fix things and avoid a catastrophic climate crisis.

Buy Under a White Sky on Amazon – $ 13

Quiet region By Stephen Curzi

Books and other media for the Engadget 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.

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Green Bank, West Virginia, is technically stuck in the 1950s. And for good reason! The Bukolic Appalachian city is home to the ultra-sensitive radio telescope at the Greenbank Observatory, which is essentially limited to any device that can emit a radio signal – from the iPad to the microwave. Inside Quiet region, Journalist and author Stephen Kursi has embedded himself in the Green Bank to give readers a first-hand look at what life would be like without our valuable digital technology. Quiet region The perfect gift for the aspiring Ludit on your holiday shopping list.

Buy Quiet Zone on Amazon – $ 13


The young woman is watching TV on her laptop in bed at night.

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In the face of the countless COVID-induced supply chain challenges that retailers face this upcoming holiday season, finding actual copies of this title can be a bit of a challenge. So, perhaps consider adding a bookworm gift to your holiday shopping list Kindle Paperwhite And a membership Amazon Kindle Unlimited? Virtually every one of the books listed above is available in digital services, along with millions of other magazines and periodicals.

But that long winter night can only be read, so why not curl up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and watch some sterling examples of our new Golden Age on television? If you’ve got a trek on your holiday shopping list, you really can’t go wrong with subscribing to it. Paramount +. The $ 5- $ 10 service per month unlocks a plethora of Star Trek shows including Emmy Award winners. Picard And ridiculous Lower deck.

For Cinephile, which is on your list, I assume you won’t get your hands on it in the future Criteria 4K Collection, A HBO Max subscription Works just as well. For 10 per month, you get a gift Extensive movie selection As well as popular weekly news and interview series Take a break with Sam J. And With John Oliver tonight, Not to mention such incredible documentaries Street Gang: How we got to Til Street.

Got someone with little kids on your gift list? Throw a bone at them with one Disney + Subscriptions. The service hosts almost entire Disney’s huge, decades-old archive, as well as new family-friendly series and daily episodes.

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