Wed. May 25th, 2022

Miles Morales is reading through a multiverse portal.

Pictures: Sony Animation / Marvel

When Spider-Man: In Spider-Verse Arriving in theaters three years ago, it shattered expectations of what might become a superhero movie, both live action and animated. Follow up Miles Morales‘Debut on the big screen after the success of the first film is always going to be a big deal, and Spider-Man: Throughout Spider-Verse Looks like it will shut down the film and the recent momentum of both characters Great game last year In some interesting ways.

Apparently picking up shortly after the first film, Miles (Shamik Moore) is relaxing at home when he sees Gwen Stacey (Haley Steinfeld) chatting. Miles ground, Spider-Man too No, And she can’t miss the chance to hang out with a friend from another universe she never thought she would see again.

Just as Miles has become accustomed to the feeling of swaying through another universe, so he is attacked by a spider-hero: Miguel O’Hara, The 2099 Spider-Man (Oscar Isaac). After showing the credit for the last movie, he created a gorgeous explosive entrance by throwing Miles around while traveling from real to real. We know he won’t be the only spider-hero around: Spider Women, Aka Jessica Drew (Isa Ray) is expected to appear at some point during the two-part adventure.

Oh, the other big thing about that Across Spider-Verse. This is the first half of a big story, and Part two Will arrive in the near future. But first, we have to get Throughout Spider-Verse (Part I), And that will be on October 7, 2022.

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