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Tiffa Lockhart, in the Final Fantasy VII remake, takes the fight position.

Pictures: Square Enix

Although The last fantasy Games often focus on the main characters with ridiculously large swords and stills. Other members of their team There is nothing to shake. This is especially true for Final Fantasy 7 And his Starler 2020 remake. Cloud Stripe and the Avalanche crew were realized with better graphics and a story. It was deeper than it initially seemed Curious and excited old fans, as well as new ones who probably only knew about the 1997 Jagarnot by fame. Tifa Lockhart often gets the most attention, thanks recently An unfortunate obstacle During an Italian government meeting where tiffer porn was played during the zoom call.

Funny and weird because it heard about this a week ago, the ribbing and memes of the Tifa video finally looped in a celebration of the character and it makes you wonder why Square Enix didn’t pull the trigger to give his character a spotlight out of the orbit of his own childhood friend Cloud. Tifa was already quite popular, with a heated debate over who was better Magic-user Arith. As much as fans fell in love with his appearance, they also fell in love with his empathy and his ability to keep the rest of the team focused on the fight to save the world.

With Remake, Fans have learned or perhaps rediscovered why they love Tifa so deeply. Maybe it’s because you can look at him and see the development of his and Cloud’s friendship, or maybe it’s because he and Erith are gall friends who make Cloud a different third wheel. It could also be just a remake fight, which is extremely good. Although the four characters — Cloud, Barrett, Tifa, and Erith াদার are fun to play, he is easily the best of them all. Designed all around Final Fantasy Monk class, Tiffar’s strength and speed take him a few steps away from a character action game. Remake Fellow flirts with entities while playing as Frontline Fighter Cloud. If you have the right idea, you have an animal in your hand that can reduce the health of the enemy very quickly. (Upcoming Origin of Final Fantasy Also gives you an idea of ​​what Play as a monk It can be a single player experience, and it seems to be a conversation about how Tifa plays.)

Square spinning has been a problem FF7 In his own universe over the years. In the 2000s, the augmented media dug into the past for its characters (see Crisis core), Including exploring the aftermath of the original game with the film Advanced children. With its first chapter Remake Outside the door, they are back in the expansion of the universe with episodic mobile games Ever crisis Which recounts the events of the 1997 game and various spinoffs and mobile battle royals The first soldier. Other than that, the episodic adventure series starring the team members is nothing new:FF13 And FF15 Expansion of their team members, and FF7 There are both Derge of Cerberus And Remake Yuffie expansion.

The image of the article titled Tifa Lockhart of Final Fantasy VII should have its own single adventure Pictures: Square Enix

Small, bite-sized adventures for supporting characters have become a recurring trend in recent AAA games, since Spider-Man: Miles Morales Per Gears 5 And Unpublished. These short stories often do not do what their larger siblings can do, But they are still praised for the insights they bring to a character or simply for giving a character more space to breathe. Inside Remake, Clouds, Barrett, And get fairly on Aerith’s journey Featured screen Time. Tifa, meanwhile, is probably the least developed of the Core Four, with most of it including HaOffscreen for the cloud or thanks for the cloud Glamorous headaches. As much as he’s in the game, it may seem like you don’t really know him like the other three.

That could be from many things that he is Was Basically Going To get Time is a special chapter in its own right Remake. Created during the game’s development phase, the middle section of the game will have its own spotlight that will focus on its relationship with the Avalanche crew and also dig into its mentality and previous trauma at the hands of Shinra. That content was cut in the end, and it’s a shame, since Tifa is an interesting combination with other characters. He is not as indifferent as Cloud, not as devoted to his cause as Barrett, and he is not as seemingly aware of his position on this earth as Arith. He is the common man of the team Who knows, things in the world may change, but not quite How. For a story that takes the characters back to their agency, He is the one who deserves the most chance to get it back: not just to be sensible, but to acknowledge the hero’s journey that if you want to save the world you can get your hands dirty and not compromise. Ideal

Tifa is not the only team member FF7 We all know those who can manage their own solo adventure. But Ms. 10/10 He’s probably going to bat a lot of fans if you ask them which team members should have their own game, and whose descriptions are likely interested in playing with Tetsuya Nomura and the writers who seem to be aligned with something.

And if a Tifa game Did As it happens, he will be trending on Twitter for the “right” reason.

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