Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

E.g. Promise in July, Tic Tac Toe is creating more ways for live streams to engage their disconnected listeners. Now, the streamers and their trusted helpers will be able to Make people cry for a few minutes temporarily, Hours or the length of a full live stream. According to Eric Hahn, head of the U.S. Safety Team at TickTock, not uttering a single word to a person would remove their entire commentary history from the stream. And of course, you can simply block comments altogether or filter out specific keywords. Together Tick ​​tock last batch “kindness” update For livestreamers, the goal is to create a safe environment for platform builders.

Han says TickTock’s prompts were added in July – which makes you think twice about posting “ruthless or harmful” comments – about 40 percent of people have edited or completely withdrawn their comments. This is not very surprising, as Twitter has found similar features Reduces rape.

The rise of TickTock Meteorites as a relatively young social network, it has clearly learned something from the fights of old clothes like Facebook and Twitter. Based on its Q2 Community Guideline Enforcement Report, The company says it’s getting better at shutting down inappropriate videos. Han says .3.3 percent of harassment videos were removed before a user reported it, up from 2.2 percent in the previous quarter. Similarly, 72.9 percent of videos showing abusive behavior were deleted in the second quarter, up from 67.3 percent earlier.

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