Tiktok is testing recruitment equipment for a job

Much more than shown Or share cleverly edited videos. Some are creators And, soon, you may be able to find a job through the platform.

Checking an appointment equipment according to the service , To help people find tough jobs and companies, employers and brands. Engadget has contacted TickTock for more information.

This feature is not known to be baked in the TickTock app. Reportedly, it appears to be a webpage where job lists are posted, most of which will probably be at the entry level location. Since it’s a tick, you’ll be able to post a video resume instead of the annoying old text as reported. You may be able to add your resume video to your profile.

Given how much time young adults spend on tickets, it can be a great way for the brand to reach the people they are looking to hire. On the other hand, we can find more examples of people losing their jobs If companies keep a close eye on their TickTock accounts. So, depending on what kind of job you are looking for, it is appropriate to set up a secondary account for professional purposes.

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