Sun. May 29th, 2022

Tick ​​tock PSA and Holocaust information resources in its app in an effort to tackle anti-Semitism. With the change, TikTok will link When users search for Holocaust-related content. Holocaust-related hashtags will link to websites with a short PSA.

“While browsing this topic, we recommend that you verify information using trusted sources, such as the multilingual website ( for necessary information on the history of the Holocaust and its legacy,” the message said. The app will add a permanent banner at the bottom of Holocaust-related videos asking users to “get information about the Holocaust.” This change will take effect in the coming months.

Although TikTok’s rules prohibit hate speech, Holocaust denial, and other forms of anti-Semitism, the app has in the past been criticized for spreading anti-Semitic content on its platform. Last year, the Anti-Defamation League published A. Including several examples of “age-old anti-Semitic troupes and the post perpetuating conspiracy theories”. The agency called on TickTock to “solve it systematically”.

Tick ​​tock

In its latest statement, TikTok noted that it blocks search results about the Holocaust that may violate its rules, and that it “uses a combination of technology and restraint teams to remove anti-Semitic content and accounts from our platform, including Holocaust denial or any other form.” Hate speech directed at the community. “

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