Tiktok works with Streamlabs’ tipping and livestream tools

StreamLabs offers a number of useful and popular livestreaming software and works on several major platforms, including Facebook, Twitch and YouTube. Now it will be available to Ticket thanks to a new partnership between the companies. Streamlabs confirmed today that it is using The newly-announced TickTock Login KitWhich means TickTock users will be able to go directly using the Streamlab OBS application for desktops and mobiles. It will provide livestreamers access to familiar tools such as tipping, grant data and analysis, and on-screen alerts.

In addition to the Streamlab OBS software for Mac and Windows, people can use the Streamlabus mobile to go live and get the same functionality. The Streamlabus widgets that are available will work with TickTock, and streamers will be able to create a custom march store and sell gear directly to Ticket using this new integration.

Although TickTock is primarily known for its short form video content, it allows users to keep it “live” for a while. Streamers interested in using live streams on other platforms will probably be interested in giving it a shot, those who haven’t used it before may appreciate being able to broadcast tickets live on their computers using a more advanced and flexible setup rather than on their phones.

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