Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

Unveiled the latest lineup of Bluetooth Tracker and released some details about the upcoming Ultra-Wideband (UWB) model. With the brand new Tile Pro, a newer version Available today.

Tile Pro is by far the most powerful tracker in the company. It has a finding range of 400 feet, and it’s lightweight and slim, so it can be ideal for making sure you don’t lose your key. The Pro has a replaceable battery that should last up to a year.

Sticker, Slim and Mate all found a range of 250 feet. This is a 67 percent larger range for stickers and a 25 percent wider range for matte and slim. The three trackers have louder rings than before. Tile claims that the recent Mate boasts three years of battery life (like slim and sticker) and a fresh design. The four trackers have an IP67 water resistance rating. They should be prevented from drowning in one meter deep water for 30 minutes.


Elsewhere, Tile Lost and Found is another way to help you recover missing items. Without the sticker, there is a QR code on the back of each new tile. Anyone who finds a lost tracker can scan it and see the owner’s contact details. They can then return the device and the attached item to the owner.

New and updated models are available from Tiles ’website and other retailers. The Tile Pro and Credit Card-style Slim cost $ 35 each, while the Tile Sticker is $ 30 and a Tile Mate will give you back $ 25.

A safety feature is working to prevent misuse of the tracker, which is not supposed to monitor a person’s location. The Scan and Secure feature lets anyone use the Tile app to find out if they have an active account, identify nearby tile devices, and find out if an unknown device is near them.

Tile will launch this feature on Android and iOS in early 2022. The company says it is working with advocacy firms to improve features and strengthen security, noting that it will provide resources to victims who believe anyone can track them.

Experience the enhanced reality of Tile Ultra to find lost items.  The screenshots give a visual indication of where to turn and where to go to find the tracker.


There is also a tile in the pipeline that uses both UWB and Bluetooth. A report earlier this year . UWB devices can transmit directional and spatial data to narrow their position more accurately than just Bluetooth.

The tracker’s points and locate feature lets you find the item with extended directions and use augmented reality with a visual indicator of where the tracker is. Tile is working with Google to refine the features of Android 12 and UWB-enabled phones

Tile says Ultra is the first UWB tracker that works on both iOS and Android. No. No. Has full multiplatform support. Tile Ultra will be available in early 2022.

Although both Apple and Samsung have released rival trackers this year, the tiles business is doing well. The company says its revenue grew by more than 50 percent in the first half of 2021. The latest trackers may keep the tiles in a good position for the short term, but the growing market may attract more competitors in the future.

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