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Santa (Tim Allen) and his son Santa Claus are sitting in the snow.

The 1990s are back, and so is Tim Allen in Santa Claus.
Pictures: Disney

Three Santa Claus Movies Just was not enough. Now, almost two decades after the release of the third, Disney is bringing holiday comedy again There is Limited series for Disney +. Tim Allen will repeat his role As Santa in a story where he is looking for a new Santa to pass Slay.

The first Santa Claus Released in 1994 and it was about a man named Scott Calvin (Allen) who accidentally killed Santa and was taken to the North Pole – where he discoveredObliged to take responsibility as per contract. So, tHe is Santa “Claus.” At first she hates it but in the end she hugs him New introduction, Which only strengthens her relationship with her children. Two sequels were released in 2002 and 2006 to reduce the results, adding new twists and turning Santa lore.

The new limited series is now picking up. In his 60s, Scott was not as good as Santa before, and as his family got older, he realized he needed to bring them back into balance. So he set out in search of a better father and a new Santa.

Jack Berdit, who worked 30 Rock, Modern Family, Frasier, And Kimi Schmidt, inseparable Shorner and executive producer. Shooting began in March. Other or not Movie character (Played by choice David Kramholtz, Aisha Tyler, Kevin Pollock, Judge Reinhold, etc.) Will come back vague. But Allen, obviously, is the biggest name and star so if he comes back, Disney wants to bring back as much of the character as possible to keep up with the films. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation?Wait-Average Christmas movies. When The second two are not as good as the first, Loving Allen’s Everyone’s personality is always a solid combination, mixed with Disney Magic.

When there is no talk Santa Claus It will remain in the streamer, however, if production starts in March, it seems likely The studio will Try and get it for the holiday season.

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