Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

A woman with dark hair looks forward with a serious expression when a man bends down to talk to her.

A time-traveler wonders what he is going to do.
Screenshot: Dust

After a decade of preparation, Anna (Abigail Williams) finally ready Travel back in time To warn loved ones about the dangers that lie ahead. But what will be the value of his brave journey? As sHeart film Tethers Exploring, sometimes walking Right in a paradox The only way a person can take.

The Time travel technology Is not Displayed Tethers, Which was Divided by the first Dust; Instead, we just see Anna “puff” and all of a sudden she’s gone to the past. But it works for this simple, heartwarming story, which is the way More about making connections with the characters that make their meeting possible.

The last one is a bit vague-It’s not clear what Rachel (Alicia Kelly) Decided to do with everything Critical Information that suddenly falls into her lap, and whether Anna is desperate The application influenced his choice. But it does mean that things may not work out as Anna had hoped. What do you think?

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