Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Timothy Chalament (left) as he appeared in Dunne, and the iconic Jean Wilder as Willie Wanka (right).

I believe knife fights are a traditional tradition for climbing the Wanka Mantle.
Pictures: Warner Bros.

No gold tickets are required for Warner Bros. Studio Is Finally moving forward With Of Original story For the mysterious, wonderful of the Roald Pulsesous confection king Wanka, Which in the process feels like half of England is celebrating the start of production.

In a new release to the press today, Warner Bros. announced that production has begun in the UK Wanka, Which they narrate is “an original story that explores the brilliant, mythical beginnings of the imaginative young inventor’s chocolate before becoming the famous Scramdimpius Mozart.” Seems a bit overboard, but equally a huge cast announcement to join the overboard Hill And Call me by your nameTimothy Chalamet, Who will play Tytler Chocolate In a script written by Paul The king is with him Paddington 2 Partner, Simon Farnby (the latest in a long line of drafts by authors Simon Rich, Simon Stephenson, Jeff Nathanson and Steven Levenson).

Farnabi – Deep Breath – will appear in the film as wellMr. Bean Icon Rowan Atkinson, and The crownOlivia Cornell, Queen of England and Queen of Our HeartsPeople, as well as Matthew Bainton, Jim Carter, Richard Fulcher, Peterson Joseph, Colin O’Brien, Natasha Rothwell, Rakhi Thackeray, Eli White and Keegan-Michael Key. The other half of the cast is true Paddington Reunion – Farnabi excludes himself, alumnus of obscure bear Wanka Including Tom Davis, The shape of waterSally Hawkins, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith and Matt Lucas. Connections don’t stop there: behind the camera, editor Mark Everson and costume designer Lindy Heming also return Paddington With film, photography director Seamus McGarvey and production designer Nathan Crowley, T.He provided the original lyrics for the Divine Comedy film Neil Hannon.

At that point, perhaps Paddington himself should have been brought in for their ride, but perhaps Wanker is leaving enough for future factories that you don’t need him. Either way, she would prefer marble to chocolate. Wanka It is currently slated for release on March 17, 2023.

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