Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Tinder is working on a new feature called Swipe Party that will help you invite friends online to check dates, TechCrunch Reported. The feature was first seen by Dutch sites in the app’s code Free dating tips And not yet announced, but Tinder has confirmed that it is working.

The feature is not like Apple Shareplay, Which lets you watch parties with friends via FaceTime, as in supported apps Disney + And Hulu. With Tinder, you can similarly invite friends to your swiping session so they can help you pick a match. A lot of people already do it personally, so bringing the new feature online – easy at the time of COVID-19.

Code snippets show that the swipe party gives you friends their phone number, confirms with a code, then enters their name and date of birth and invites them to join a session. If you want to help them, you need to give them access to your phone’s camera and microphone.

Tinder recent users Add video Their dating profile, and parent match recently promised To introduce Other dating and chat features in its dating app. Although Tinder has confirmed the matter TechCrunch The feature that was in development did not provide any additional details.

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