Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Last year, Amazon Alexa Care Hub has announced, A free service that allows people to check in with family members using Alexa. The so-called “caregiver” can see notifications and alerts when someone uses Alexa to let you know that the people they want to keep an eye on are ahead. This allows the “care receiver” to say “Alexa, call for help” and it will immediately contact the caring person. Amazon did not charge for it, but today it is adding a new feature to the service called Alexa Together. It will be a $ 20 / month service that gives older family members access to 24/7 Urgent Response, which Amazon describes as a professional emergency helpline.

Alexa will facilitate shared caregiving among multiple family members by allowing multiple people to be nominated as support contacts for a single person. Other features include support for third-party devices that can detect someone falling in at home, the ability to add contacts to a person’s Alexa account so they can make hands-free calls and set reminders or connect music to someone else’s device Service for.

At a higher level, it seems Alexa together basically makes it easier for others to manage Alexa-enabled devices for family members so they use it more. And if they use it more, the caregiver will see that it is being used and that their family members are going about their normal day. This is a bit confusing, but the cost of 24/7 access in an emergency response can be as high as 20 per month. Launched later this year, Alexa will have a free six-month trial period together (or a full year if you already use Alexa Care Hub).

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