Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

See . It is a new three-wheeled electric scooter from the Japanese automaker designed to help people with limited mobility. Although it shares some visual features with the battery electric car And , Is the nearest precedent Toyota was back in 201 back.


A removable lithium-ion battery allows the C + Walk to travel about eight and a half miles on a single charge, after which it takes about two hours to recharge from zero to full. It can travel at a maximum speed of only six miles per hour, although it is possible to push it up to one mile per hour. One of the more Nifty features of the C + Walk is the ability to avoid obstacles. It will revolutionize when it detects something in your path and slow down the car if there is a possibility of a collision.

Initially, the automaker imagined the scooter to help older workers travel to larger facilities such as warehouses, factories and airport terminals. In the future, the company expects the Japanese government to issue C + Walk certificates for use on public roads. Toyota dealers in Japan will start selling and leasing scooters early next month. It will start at ¥ 341,000, or below বর্তমান 3,100 with current exchange rates.

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