Tomorrow ason you Legend 6 Trailer: New Villain, Heroes

The CW legend is tomorrow’s season 6 teaser

The CW legend is tomorrow’s season 6 teaser
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Admit it. You didn’t think of CW Suicide SquadI’m sorry CW’s Legends of the future The first season is passing. Okay though it could be wrong. Not only is the show in its sixth season, it’s back and better than ever!

CW has released the first “trailer” for six seasons and it’s only 29 seconds of footage, giving viewers a good idea of ​​what to expect this season. The stage ended with five huge leading cliffhangers kidnapped by team leader Black Canary Sarah Lance (Katie Lotz) Alien and a spaceship Everywhere in the teaser, the team comes up with a plan to find him and rescue him. Unfortunately, this plan is abandoned when they discover that these outsiders have a thing to travel during. So, the team has to find him to fight through history.

The Legends team is constantly changing its roster and with the new season there are new team members. Esperanza “Spooner” Cruise (Leseth Chavez, Chicago Fire), Who once held him captive by the same foreigner who gave him his power, will help the team find Sarah and prevent the enemy from destroying humanity, space and time. The character is original and has no source in the DC Comics universe.

Dealing with supernatural threats, multiverse, aliens and time travel, Legends of Call of the River has gone through. Looks like a fun, action-packed adventure this season that will continue the legacy of this favorite fan show. New episode arrives May 2nd.

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