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File photo from 2014 shows a customer buying groceries at a roadside shop in Vine near Nuku'alofar, Tonga.

File photo from 2014 shows a customer buying groceries at a roadside shop in Vine near Nuku’alofar, Tonga.
Pictures: Nick Perry (AP)

Tonga, an island about 3,100 miles southwest of Hawaii, Kovid-19 reported the first case since the epidemic began, According to New Zealand Accessories News channel. The covid-positive man arrived on a flight from New Zealand and is reported to be in the Hotel Quarantine, hopefully the disease will not spread to the whole community.

Tongan Prime Minister Pohiva Tuyonetoa announced the Covid-19 case on Friday, explaining that the unidentified man arrived on a flight from Christchurch, New Zealand, with 215 people on Wednesday.

Like other countries in the South Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand, Tonga also requires that individuals arrive internationally quarantined in hotels before traveling freely within the country.. In this case, that need probably saved Tonga from widespread disease. The man, who arrived from New Zealand on Thursday, tested positive while being quarantined at the Tanoya International Hotel.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health told staff that the man who tested positive on Thursday had tested negative before leaving Christchurch. The man, who did not want to be named, was also fully vaccinated with Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine and received his second dose about two weeks ago. According to the staff, the case is actively under investigation.

Tonga has a Covid-19 vaccination rate of only 31.6%, much higher than some South Pacific neighbors, such as Papua New Guinea, which has vaccinated less than 2% of its population., But less than most rich countries. The US Covid-19 vaccination rate is currently stubbornly low at 56%, while other rich countries are about 70% fully vaccinated. For example, the Covid-19 vaccination rate is 64.2% in Canada and 6.9% in the United Kingdom.

An immunologist in New Zealand has warned staff that the consequences could be dire if the case imported to Tonga is not properly handled.

“Tonga is a Pacific nation that has been able to protect its people by keeping the virus out of the country for so long,” said Dr Diane Sika-Paotonu of New Zealand. Accessories.

“If this case is not contained, the potential consequences for the Tongan nation will be catastrophic.”

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