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Researchers trace new Forms of Africa, cases increase in India and US vaccine rollout continues even after snatching. Here’s what you need to know:

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African scientists are scrambling to discover new forms in areas where experiments have been suspended.

This week, an alliance of scientists and labs across Africa released a print for a novel variant of the first identified among travelers entering Angola. The research is part of a new endeavor Sample detection and sequencing It may be difficult in this region and hopefully in areas where scientists are lagging behind in experiments on how the virus is spreading across the continent, but it is an international must. Vaccine distribution efforts in Africa have been slow Rich countries have collected early shots, Which means the virus can Continue to spread and change For a long time.

Several other infectious forms are already thought to be behind B.1.1.7, first seen in Europe and the United States – especially in Britain. Shares of the new case are growing. This week, the CDC announced that this form is now An effective source of new infections In the United States.

India continues to fight for vaccination as a case skyrocket

India is fast emerging as one New Global Hotspot. New infections have topped previous records more than once this week, and the death toll has risen even more since November. So far, 90 million shots Conducted in the country, most of which are the first of two doses, meaning that a small portion of the country’s 1.3 billion people are even partially protected.

Most importantly, vaccines are now critically in short supply in India. The mayor of Mumbai said on Friday that the city would do without additional supplies Saturday shot runs out. The Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest vaccine maker, already has Exports were closed earlier this month, Mentions the need to fight mounting infections at home. The chief executive of the pharmaceutical company said exports could resume by June but could still carry it effectively. World supply.

Vaccine rollouts continue to be rapid in the United States, but do not stumble

Vaccination continues at a rapid pace in the United States. Earlier this week, President Biden announced it 150 million shots were conducted, 200 million doses by its 100th day in office sets the country on target to meet its target. Biden also removed the April 19 deadline for all adults to be vaccinated, although many states have already done so. Nearby 20 percent The country is now fully vaccinated. But some officials predict that mass immunization plans could be complicated next week, as Johnson & Johnson distribution is expected to drop by more than 60 percent. Wake up to the production struggle.

The country’s vaccine rollout has also had other effects. On Thursday, two mass vaccination sites Temporarily closed Several people later had adverse reactions. Medical experts say there is no reason to believe there is anything wrong with vaccines. Elsewhere, The number of recruits without demand is increasing In states like Mississippi, many people are still reluctant to be vaccinated.

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