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The main cast of Netflix's Dota: Dragon's Blood, is traveling down a road.

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When it comes to Netflix and them Video game adaptation, Arkan, Castlevania And Witch Immediately feel the spring. But Dota: Dragon’s blood, Anime based on Valve’s 2013 MOBA Dota 2, It was a fantastic entertainment romp when it premiered last year. Well, then, new episodes are coming up next week to give fantasy fans another solution after they’ve gone through them. Witch Yet again

Last season, things ended quite cliffhanger for several characters, with Mirana (Laura Palver) ruling her people. Just An elven rebellion was kicked off. Devion (Yuri Loventhal) is captured by his fellow Dragon Knights so that they can snatch the dragon spirit of Slyrac (Tony Todd) from the Knight’s body. As much as the Knights want, the only thing that can stop terrorism (JB Blank) is the bond between Devion and Slirk, especially now that the monster is wreaking havoc and killing other adults (like the very old dragon, Slirk) to steal their souls. Towards the end of the season the only one who seems to have won seems to be Invoker (Troy Baker), and as seen in the trailer, he’s gone and wakes up Elderworm Vahdrak of Chaos.

It is possible that, like me, you ignored it Dragon’s blood When it came out last year. If so, it could be a mistake, since the show looks pretty red Comparisons between this and other fantasy shows will be inevitable, but Devin and Slyrac and those big ass dragons help to create excitement. Dragon’s blood Its a different feeling from the other fantasy brothers, animated or otherwise. And it doesn’t hurt to look pretty: Studio Mir’s work is always a visual pleasure, even when the shows themselves Descriptively frustrating, To say the least.

Its the new season Dota: Dragon’s blood January 18 will hit Netflix.

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